lavalunarlavalunar ♥ like we'd shared the same mad potion.



xxxxx████████████  ████████████  ████████████

xxxxx          lava ×:lunar.
xxxxx                    registered mfc collector as of 01/16.

xxxxx: U.S. based actress, cosplayer, and bonafide bibliophile. My enthusiasm for the furtherance
xxxxxxxof art and culture is matched only by my passion for the accumulation of plastic anime tchotchkes,
xxxxxxxand my fascination with all things ruggedly post-apocalyptic is matched by my infatuation with all
xxxxxxxthings pastel and plush. I'm fairly new to the world of figure collecting, though I'm a long time
xxxxxxxgamer and anime/manga fan.

xxxxxxx: Thank you for stopping by my profile! I'm very excited to be joining the MFC community!

xxxxx      check out my cosplay page !!

xxxxx: top 5 manga: eyeshield 21, hellsing, cardcaptor sakura, dogs: bullets and carnage, sailor moon.
xxxxxx : top 5 anime: baccano!, samurai champloo, tiger & bunny, sayonara zetsubou sensei, evangelion.
xxxxxx : top 5 video game series: fallout, ace attorney, persona, silent hill, skyrim.

xxxxxxx: top 5 female characters: sailor moon, catherine, baiken, i-no, integra hellsing.
xxxxxxx: top 5 male characters: gajeel redfox, faust viii, hiruma yoichi, adachi tohru, lucifel (el shaddai)
xxxxxxx___ ... and pretty much the whole cast of eyeshield 21!

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01 month agolavalunarlavalunar
SkyBlue (1 month ago) #24185264Hey thanks for the fun game, really made me think of my collecting preferences and habits :D
Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I love playing little games like that. And by the way -- I'm a bit of a clear file addict, too! :)
01 month agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Hey thanks for the fun game, really made me think of my collecting preferences and habits :D
03 months agoyuu12rikuyuu12riku

Have you got my PM about Otamart about 19 days ago? If you haven't, let me know so I can resend it :)
06 months agoOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
lavalunar (6 months ago) #18679136Hey, Happy Birthday!!

Thank you so much! ^u^
08 months agoCoconutbeeCoconutbee 「Bug Eaten」
lavalunar (8 months ago) #17389365Opened up Tsurumaru today and he looks lovely on display! Thank you again for the great sale ~Glad you liked him! Thanks again, take care :-)

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