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Favorite characters are: Hiei, Lina & Zelgadis, Luka & Gakupo, Rin & Archer, Son Gohan, Sailor Jupiter, and Sanji

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024 days agoOse_93Ose_93
layanarill (24 days ago) #25310162Can you imagine how cute a Zelgadis nendo would be?! But yes, they seriously need to do the 4 mains, but I would not mind an extra Xellos tossed in either. (Aren't pipe dreams nice? XD)
On the Detective Conan side I'm hoping for a Ran or Ai, but dangnabbit they did the freaking 'Culprit' before them so my hopes are not high. :/
Seriously, that would be the cutest thing ever! I'm still waiting for item #433318 to be released. ;;

I wouldn't mind Xellos being thrown in either. But yeah, most likely a pipe dream. XD

Same here! Especially Ai, but I would love to have Ran, too. And I love Amuro and all, but honestly I'm surprised he got a nendoroid before they did. And seriously, why did we have to get a Culprit nendoroid before them, though I am happy about it...
026 days agoOse_93Ose_93
layanarill (26 days ago) #25218396And it's a good year to be a Slayers & Detective Conan fan what with the new nendoroids! I must admit seeing Lina's was the highlight of this WonFes for me!Right? I was sooo happy when I saw her. I never would have imagined Slayer's nendoroids! I can only hope they sell well so we get all the main cast. ;;
028 days agoOse_93Ose_93
Thank you for the friends request! Nice to see another Detective Conan and Slayers fan.

My favorites are Zelgadis and Lina, too! And Jupiter is my favorite sailor scout. ^^
02 months agoMykaMyka
layanarill (2 months ago) #23554748lol We're somehow always shifting titles in this field. "Web Tech", "Web Designer", "Web Dev", "Technology Expert", "OIT Dev"...
It should be technology something hopefully lol
02 months agoMykaMyka
layanarill (2 months ago) #23554562Nice to meet another web dev here! :D
Hi! I'm actually supposed to change titles soon lol

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