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Hey everybody ^_^

I started collecting figures after buying my first one on a dutch convention in 2013. The manga&anime hobby is part of me since 2012 and I'm still really thankful that I had some friends who told me about this hobby.

Of course, I have some personal favourites. Most of the time they have little to do with each other: Koizora, attack on titan, bleach, skip beat, kaichou wa maid-sama, etc...

I am more of a manga reader than an anime watcher, as manga takes less time and is easier to do in between other tasks that life throws at me.

Hopefully I will make many friends here :D

See you around ^^

Main collections

My fav anime!Madoka magicahttps://33.media.tumblr.com/8fdd58d7dda7f247d0fe85416d0f16eb/tumblr_n6b8npQBDN1r2pvg2o1_r1_500.gif



The best gamers in the worldSword art online




The vocalists of the futureVocaloid


(from one of my favourite vocaloid songs ever, reboot)




Sorry for being so late!

1 year ago
2 years ago
Happy Birthday buddy!
2 years ago
3 years ago
So you are selling the figma of Akemi Homura and Ultimate Madoka, right :)
I'm Interested, my place is located in germany, do you ship ?
4 years ago
lisauntie5 years ago#3104490Hey there!
How do you like your miko homura? She must've arrived by now :)
I got 4 of the girls in figma form this month! Now i only need kyouko and nagisa for a full set <3
Also got snow miku 2013 and I'll receive 2014 and 2015 soon!! (2014 is my absolute nendo grail so I'm superduperhappy)
How have you been doing this month? :)


I love my Miko Homura. Koto really did a great job! ^^

Cool. Hope you can complete your figma set soon ^^ Are you going to collect all Madoka nendo and figma?

Miku 2013 is really lovely. If I have to get one Miku nendo, it will be Miku 2013. Miku 2014 looks good with her magical girl outfit! Miku 2015 looks a little boring to me as her hair looks too similar to her original hairstyle.
5 years ago
lisauntie5 years ago#3045934I finally got miko homura! I don´t really think she has a fat face though, but that´s a personal taste right ;) Soon I'll go to a convention and I'm going to get the homura and madoka figma's there <3<3<3 I'm so excited!! I got homura for an awesome price as well so that was awesome! Mami is going to join them soon after :)
Nendo akuma homura certainly is cute! Need to buy her asap XP
Yeah she got delayed :( It made me so sad because I just wanted her :/ I pray for kirito not to be delayed because july means snow miku nendo and figma and that's going to be pretty expensive as well... So yeah, fun times XP

Really? I can't wait to see her with my own eyes. I have just received Ami's payment request today and I chose Registered SAL so I would probably get Miko Homura 2 weeks later T.T

I'm also going to a convention soon (it will be my first time!) but I really don't know what I should buy there since I pretty much have everything I want already >< I guess I will just buy the SAO charms from Aniplex booth.

I can't wait to get Asuna and I just realised that I have yet to unbox my Kirito!! I'm really afraid that I might break his swords ><
5 years ago
lisauntie5 years ago#2995081Awesome!
Tomorrow is the release date if miko homura and I'm so excited! I also just got the akuma homura figma and am planning to get the nendo as well :)
I wish i were able to get al the maiko girls but I'm only able to get madoka TAT
Do you think the asuna figma will be delayed? They havent stated a releasedate yet :(

Based on pictures, Miko Homura looks lovely but her face seems to be a little fat? Nendo Akuma Homura is really cute ~ ^^

Sadly, Asuna is delayed. I hope that GGO Kirito won't get delayed (but most likely will T.T) since I don't have any July pre-order >.>
5 years ago
dimxxz ♥初音ミク
Hi hi :) Nice to meet you too^^
Loving Miku forever! :)
lisauntie5 years ago#3009367Hey there, I see that you really love vocaloid! Awesome!! Nice to meet you :)
5 years ago
lisauntie5 years ago#2922755Whahahaha, I'm also still quite new, started around a year ago I believe. As I'm only 16 I haven't been able to buy really much but becauseof that I'm good at budgeting and not overspending :)
TOTALLY GET HER!!! She's beautiful, awesome pose, nice details, crips painting and she's just really awesome. She's also not that expensive, hovering around 5-8K (I got her for 5k from mandarake), so she will be really worth it without insta-killing your wallet!
I saw that you also PO'd the straps! Great :D It's good to see someone that loves sao this much :)
My favourite girl is probably asuna, then yuuki, then sinon/suguha tied.

GOD I wanted to reply to this as soon as I have more time beside uni and look at it it's been 23 days... omg I'm so lame OTL

I overspent once again and also it's the month when the Asuna figma is re-released so have to delay this for now... but I really want to buy it ;n;
Still thinking about the real life straps too... I really need that Suguha xDD

My favs are Leafa/Suguha, Sinon, Silica, Asuna... and actually everyone, there's no point putting them in order to be honest. xD
5 years ago
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