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Can you guess where my user name is from? No googling!
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Heya. Lets jump right away into my "bio".

I read manga and watch anime ever since a child.
I only got very recently into collecting figures however.

I love series with depth.
I hate people who mix japanese words into their speech.
I like buying mostly figures that remind me of shows I love when I look at them.
I'm a very blunt and straightforward person.

My favorite all-time anime is Death Note.

I'm mostly into classics like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Evangelion, Ranma 1/2 and so on.

I've read so many manga that it'd be very hard to pick a single favorite one.



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So I was going through the older comments under Koto's Vash (thinking of buying him used, so I want to know more about the leg issue), and I noticed your username. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's not a coincidence that now I want to dust off one of my favourite anime soundtracks. ^_^ (To be brutally honest - the OST is my favourite aspect of that series.)
2 years ago
¡Feliz cumpleaños! De un amigo de América Latina.
4 years ago
The main picture of the Baccano! club CLUB #1015 is a dead link now. :(
4 years ago
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lonesomefolly5 years ago#3346126claaa, en la tienda confio, lo que no me cierra es ese shipping; lo probaste? me da miedo que lo manden por barco o algo que aca lo pierdan

Y preguntales a ellos qué tipo de envío es. De por sí yo NUNCA MÁS mando cosas sin seguimiento y sin seguro, porque prefiero gastar más y que me lleguen que ser rata y perder lo que compré.
5 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
lonesomefolly5 years ago#3337842stalkiiing (te escribo por aca porque tengo el inbox llenisimo), alguna vez compraste por play-asia? tienen un shipping a 8 usd pero me da desconfianza tan barato y queria saber que onda

Son de confianza! Tené en cuenta cómo es la aduana acá para entrar las cosas igual, pero la tienda es posta y les compré varias veces sin problemas.
5 years ago
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9780 yen for toro toro otome's miki! Gogogo
6 years ago
lonesomefolly6 years ago#2564711excuse me, mind if I ask you something? is 3.6k-4k for SAL/EMS normal for native's sonico? it seemed a bit too high but maybe it's heavier than I'm imagining?

She is big but not that heavy. But if I remember correctly I think I ended up paying around 3k Yen as well but that's for EMS. If you're going to pay that much for SAL that doesn't sound right.
6 years ago
Reinier6 years ago#2488593Why would you regret getting the bonus item for Envy? I got all the bonus items for the 7 Deadly Sins, im sure they will be hard to find later on with the bonus items.

I just wouldn't use it IRL to scrub or anything because I wouldn't like to damage it, and I'm not a fan of displaying it with something other than a card taped on the back. I just liked the illustration :<

I didn't get greed's money pouch for example. As I have no need for it and disliked the picture on it.
6 years ago
lonesomefolly6 years ago#2488569
Picked envy with the body mitten. I really hope it's worth it, I never pick up the extras... I'm already regretting it. And maan and this recoloring is getting so much heat in the comments too >_< I just figured having two of them in black and red looks nice. Like a set!

Why would you regret getting the bonus item for Envy? I got all the bonus items for the 7 Deadly Sins, im sure they will be hard to find later on with the bonus items.
6 years ago
lonesomefolly6 years ago#2488541Hey Reiner, any idea if the seven sins fit in SAL small package or EMS/SAL only?

I had some of them shipped with Registered SAL from Nippon-Yasan like ITEM #97004 and ITEM #161925 without any problems but some of the other shops (AmiAmi and Mandarake) said that the ones that I purchased from their shops didnt fit in SAL so I had to ship them with EMS from AmiAmi and Mandarake. It depends on the shops preference and how much padding they want to use, it will fit in a SAL shipment but only if you dont use packing paper for padding which most stores arent willing to do.
6 years ago
Your hassle-free Japan shopping proxy .


Death note, Steins;Gate, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Welcome to the NHK!


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