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I can’t stop ordering Nekopara figures send help
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Oh, seriously I saw so many fanart of this Miku's design that I've never looked
much at this art for figure,
this 5-hair thing is awesome!
But yeah I really doubt it will be like that on nendo, probably nendo will
just have her design, only scale will be powerful 5 XD

electronic is kinda fine, since I occasionally don't mind it but sometimes it just squishy sound, idk how to explain it, but yeah I heard some gems in the past, thou I don't remember titles. ANyways if you have any good or fav songs to recommend drop me links,
I would be happy to check it out, since by myself find sth is pretty difficult (there is way too many songs xD''')

I doubt about metallic, unless someone will really need money fast and sell her cheap >.>

I don't know if I have more fav figure than Rory, I think the closest to her will be
Charlotte form Granblue Fantasy or Honkai Impact 3rd Yae Sakura - Mandarin Gown Ver.
(which sadly isn't in MFC database).

oh so it means you played Tales of Berseria???
I started playing it 3 years ago recently just picked it up again, need to finish it,
not sure where I am --> the exorcist girl joined the Velvet party
(I think it is close to 50% of game?)
and i saw that Velvet figure definitely a beauty and no wonder you love her <3 Alter did awesome job with dynamic and outfit movements, way better than Kotobukiya.
1 month ago
I see, I've never heard of it, thou I haven't been watching animes much in past 2-3 years,
may check it out XD

oh I don't own sega but I saw gameplay long time ago looked fun,
I just not always like the sound of vocaloid, sometimes it is way to artificial
or just hurtful to listen to.

What do you mean by 5? like design ?
What I didn't like with a scale was her face way more derpy than illustration,
also flowers are pretty but somehow way too plain, not much shading,
just chunks of plastic and for such high price.. meh..

ah Rory is so worth and I wanted Koto ver. for so long but after I got Ques q
she was overshadowed by her beauty, she is huge, beautiful,
I only manage to get her thank to my old friend,
he sold her to me for slightly cut price from US (just shipping was 50 or 60 bucks),
but she was so worth it, honestly love her and if you find her somewhere for decent price, totally get her, you won't regret it, thou she is super tall - axe is almost 35cm XD''
From your collection I would say you lucky to have zero two bunny, I never felt like paying os much for bunny figures,
but zero two is the only bunny where they did character right and I love her smile and red color, I'm surprised people are surprised she got so expensive xD''
that was so obvious judging by her popularity at least in bunny version.
1 month ago
Probably that's why I remembered your profile, thou sadly I have no idea who the guy is and I actually wanted to ask what anime/manga is it ?
Pre-orders are still open till November so you can wait and rethink also this just appeared
ITEM #1049504
may be another balerina type nendo, maybe you will like this one more.
Actually I ordered her, I loved the illustration since the first time I saw it but
didn't like how scale turned out not to mention price, I rarely buy scales
or random characters (yeah Miku you is my random cutness xD)
plus in the worst case if for some reason I'll dislike her she is gonna cost a lot on after market just looking at ITEM #840633 (I didn't like her at first now I wish she would be cheaper somewhere xD'')
Also I have the same problem, currently not much free space for new stuffs,
I sold some of figures I don't care about or
random nendos, but still :/
I have place to hang few shelves so most likely
that's gonna be my option in near future,
thou I don't have many figures
planned to purchase max few scales next year
(and possible I will end just buying one or two, no money xD'').
Anyways don't you have any extra
space somewhere to do hanging shelves or put some contraption to fit more figures ?
But I think it is good to think and reflect what
you want to own, at the end personally
I am almost content with what I have that rarely new stuffs make me as happy as "old parts of my collection"
Oh and there is never enough Miku xD I actually dislike vocaloid and I am not a fan
but Miku is always cute as nendo or even in some scale forms that I simple love her
for cheerfulness and positive energy (definitely pre-ordered to many prizes of her but I love different outfits ;-;)
What about you? Miku fan or MIku fan and vocaloid fan?
1 month ago
Oh right, sorry you won't believe I talked to many people about different Miku figure in past few days and I remember people's profiles not always their username xD''
Now I remember! Thanks for reminder, btw did you pre-order her from GSC ?
I was actually wondering last night, if you get her or not since you haven't replied to my DM xD
1 month ago
Hey thank for FR, I remember being on your profile few days ago but totally don't remember why ;-;
1 month ago
Hi I saw that you’re interested in Shinobu Oshino figure! If you still are you can check out my Ad that I just posted. :3
2 months ago
Thanks for the friend request! I like your collection, you’ve got lots of pretty stuff preordered too!
3 months ago
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