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Jaja, lo de arriba las arepas me he hecho reir. xxD

Todo fino, un saludo y un abrazo fraternal desde aquí para México también. Me encanta tu colección. Espero poder algún día tener tantas piezas de Felicia como tú. Estaré atento a esas fotos en los próximos días. =)
2 months ago
Hey there, maccklk. Happy Birthday!

I see you're quite the Felicia fan. You've got some pretty cool figures of her. I noticed you recently added pictures on ITEM #1339160 I really appreciate them. The figure looks super cute. You did a great job on it.

Saludos desde Venezuela. =) Por acá también somos fanáticos de Felicia. xD
2 months ago
Melian6 months ago#98366131I saw that you have ITEM #26282. Do you have any pics of her?Hey
5 months ago
I saw that you have ITEM #26282. Do you have any pics of her?
6 months ago
Thank you! I'll try to think about it that way from now on! I really appreciate it! i don't have the money to go over board yet, so i treasure eveyr one I can get, but i'll keep that in mind as i get older, thanks! you take care, too!
7 months ago
Would you ever sell the figure
7 months ago
Hey do you still have your jotaro part 6 figure
7 months ago
maccklk7 years ago#2257063excuseme would u make me the favor to tell me how much did u pay for the kit of qbee from clayz
and where did u find it ?
i would apreciate if u can help me with this info
thanks a lot :D

I believe I got her for about 25 €, a German guy/gal put her up on ebay and few people bid on her, lucky me xD
7 years ago
maccklk7 years ago#2108809hey dude do u still have the kit of felicia from the game darkstalkers ?

7 years ago
maccklk8 years ago#1974640would you be interested to sell your figure of shermie from the company epoch ?

Sorry, she's not for sale. BTW, you have a nice      
fighting game figure collection.
8 years ago
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