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Yeah I struggled at first as well then I got the bright idea of looking at the directions and it was like a palm to the face, lol. My wife just stood there and laughed bc I'm usually the one who asks her did u read the directions.
6 months ago
Ithnani's legs are detachable. You shouldn't have to pry. Hope that helps.
6 months ago
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1 year ago
If you have some concrete questions I can answer those, but it would be a bit of a pain to type out the entire plot.
I can take some pictures, but it'll probably not be any time soon since I don't want to take out the cover and put them on the pillows just for some pictures. I already have some pics on my profile, and the covers look just like the previews since it's illustrations.
1 year ago
The biggest plot point of the game is probably the revelation in the beginning when Marie tells you that she has 4 daughters. Later in the game when you choose the correct path you learn that Maria has a twin sister called Julia who has been living in the mansion the whole time but has been locked up in the room Marie told you in the beginning of the game to keep away from. As it turns out Marie and Julia are not really Marie's daughters but her clones. Marie is afraid of aging and has been working on creating clones of herself and transferring her mind into one of the clones. I don't remember the exact reason why, but Julia somehow angered Marie and she has been locked up since. I'm also not really sure anymore if the scientists that were experimenting in the basement were killed or what exactly happened to them. So right now Aira, the maid, is the only one doing experiments in the basement.
The way to distinguish Julia and Maria, is that Julia's mole on her pubic area is on the right, while Maria's is on the left. Another little info is that it has been mentioned that Aira has been into bestiality but Marie has no experiences with animals so far, but this has obviously not been shown in the CGs.
1 year ago
I also can't read japanese so my understanding of the story might not be 100% correct. I made a post in the seishoujo club about how to use a translator to play the game, since that's how I played it. I'd recommend playing it that way since just scrolling through the cg set can be confusing as the different paths are not really separated in the set.
The MC in this game is a university student that was hired by Marie for her daughter Maria, since the last one quit and the replacement is only set to arrive in a week. The MC finds out that Maria is actually a genius and is only using the tutors for sex. A typical day is one lesson in the afternoon, during which he has sex with Maria, and then some choices what to do for the evening sex scene, like exploring the house at night or visiting Marie in her bedroom. If you always chose to go with Marie in the evening, you end up proposing to Marie who wants to seal the engagement by getting impregnated. But Maria doesn't like sharing so it ends up with both of them getting pregnant.
Like I said I would definitely recommend playing the game for yourself to find out more about Maria and the secrets of the mansion. I can help you if you have problems setting up the translator, or if you're not interested I can tell you more about Maria and why she was not mentioned in Starless before.
1 year ago
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!