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Gonna start collecting again...
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
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Happy Birthday ;D
1 month ago
Haaaaaappy birthday!!!!!
1 month ago
It's another birthday. Make this one great too! :)
1 month ago
Cupcakez89 The quiet one
Happy birthday!
1 year ago
Hooray birthday time. I hope it's a fun one :)
1 year ago
Wishing all the best wishes for your birthday!
1 year ago
Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
2 years ago
Have a Happy Birthday!!!
2 years ago
mangasus90 (2 years ago) #11313118Haha, thanks. :D I cant wait to make some new friends here. At least some of my friends are still active so its not that bad :D
Haha, i really love the photo section of this site. People are really creative with their photo and i love seeing the well-done art :D
That's why i check the section in free time to find out gems :D
Hm, i dont really remember, but not many more than now. Yes, i'd like to get Ritsu eventually though :). She's rather cheap nowadays so i can just wait and go with others first :D
I think break in between is also an important thing to do in any hobby haha :D
I also really like DoA and K-On :D! I watched K-On a lot back in the day. For DoA though, im not really good at fighting games so i cant play the game well =.=. But i still really like the characters. Thus, to resolve that problem, i play Extreme series instead haha. Ah, and i really like Honoka :D
My shelf is already full so i gotta buy another shelf though :(
I have seen so many collectors on here with 500+ figures or so. How can they have such a big room for that? :D Anyway, im gonna aim for that as well, in the far future haha :D

Sorry for the late reply. O_O'
Good to hear that, you're back to MFC again.
I check the photo section often too, there are some creative, funny and great pictures out there. I'm kind of amazed how much time and effort people spend on taking their photo, plus the expensive gear they use sometimes. It's an art indeed, with hidden gems. :)

Yeah, you can get Ritsu anytime. It's not too hard to find and luckily not sky-rocketed in price, unlike some figures. What figures are you after right now? All the ones in your wished list?
A break in a hobby is a part of it too, sometimes interest can lower or it can take up too much time or money. After a break it feels fresh to come back again and there's so much new to check out. :)

Yay! You like DOA and K-On too! :D
I watched K-On a lot back in the day too. The movie was somehow my favorite, since I could relate to London. Back in 2013, I was so excited to visit London again for my vacation, after I watched the K-On movie. :D
DOA is not an easy game, but very different then Tekken and Street Fighter. You don't have to be good, as long you have fun with it. Online players are usually pro, but the computer is nice to play with.
Play Xtreme series instead. lol That's possible too. Honoka is a nice character, I like Marie Rose too. My favorite characters are Kasumi and Ayane. :)
By the way, I still need to buy Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3. I'm planning to buy it this summer.

Your shelf is full already too, I see. Do you just use shelfs or you have a display case?
My display cases are mostly full too, but I don't really have room for another display case, perhaps I need shelves too later on or something else. :S
I know right! Some people on here have hundreds of figures, I would never have room for that. Well, not unless I have more rooms to display my figures or an entire house with figure spaces everywhere. xD
Yep, let's aim for that in the future. Expand figures and space, so we can have an unlimited collection too. :P
2 years ago
mangasus90 (2 years ago) #11127393Yes, it's great they didn't delete my account haha :D. Most of my friends here already stopped collecting figures so I'm a bit sad though.
I don't know what a ghost can do. Would be cool if we ghosts can tease others somehow j/k :D
I guess I used to own a bit bigger collection in the past but then sold some. Now I'm trying to recover haha
Yes, I like to own ritsu as well, to complete the band. But for now I'm also aiming at other figures :D. Those years I've missed, there were many awesome figures got released haha. Gonna be a hard time to keep up :D
Your collection is also very nice:D. You seem to like figma?

Yeah, at least that didn't happen.
I know the feeling, you come back and less people are doing the thing you were into before. It happens with everything. You can always make new friends or treasure the good friends that are still into it.

As a ghost it's harder to spot your nickname. xD
I usually see your comments on pictures of the day too.

Oh, I see. How many figures did you have before?
It's nice to get back into it and that you haven't given up. ^^ In the process of recovering.
Yeah, Ritsu is nice too, last time I spotted a pre-owned one for about ¥6000. I understand that other and perhaps newer figures are more important now.
Indeed many great figures you missed, it will take some time and money to find and buy the ones you want. For me, there was a period too that I didn't order a figure in about a year. Not too long, but for me it was some kind of break.

Thanks! :)
Yes, I like Figma's indeed, I prefer them over Nendoroids. I really like Dead Or Alive and K-On!, so I collect mostly figures from those. However, I don't like all figures that exist, so I mostly just buy the ones I like most. My space isn't unlimited either. Even now it's already pretty full in my opinion. :P
2 years ago
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