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I started collecting figures recently, but it's becoming more and more addicting as time goes by.

I just joined this site, and it seems to be great.
My interests (other than figures and anime/manga) include drawing, singing and writing.

You can check my drawings here: manu-chann.devi...

Nice to meet you all!



Hi there, thank you for the interest.
The levi Nendoroid is still available.
However, I'm currently away until end of February for work purposes.

We can talk again after I've returned, should you still be interested then ^^
8 months ago
manu-chann2 years ago#25571769Thank you so much!
I love your videos! That's how I found your MFC page.
Is there anywhere I can see your art? I didn't know you were also an artist!

Thank you! Glad that you like them ^^

Oh my, I wouldn't call myself an artist or anything since I haven't posted anything online in actual years. >///<

But I do have a very dusty DA with hardly any photos: iose93.devianta...

And here is something more recent: imgur.com/a/gxa...

I did consider making drawing videos since I like watching those as well, but decided against it since I don't tend to draw in an anime style and I don't think it would appeal to most people subscribed, haha.
2 years ago
Thank you for the friend request!

Your artwork is so pretty, I really love the way you color. ^^

And man, I feel guilty for not drawing in such a long time. XD
2 years ago
Thank you for the FR :)
4 years ago
Welcome to the board manu-chann! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
4 years ago
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