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7 years ago
Hi, i saw some of your figure photos. You've got awesome props in your sets! Cute washing machine and garbage can. :) may i ask where you bought them?
7 years ago
mikki-malu7 years ago#8923048Thank you T T Just when the noodle stoppers were getting more interesting...
you're welcome. T.T *hug* I know..I feel you that.. :c
7 years ago
I'm sorry for your loss ITEM #342738 T.T orz I had a high hope for this..
7 years ago
mikki-malu8 years ago#4038837Momohime is perfection :) She was available in shops for quite some time after the first release and with time she became very popular and in high demand, who would have guessed :)
I watched SteinsGate but didn't like it, it felt too slow. But Kurisu has great legs, I was very tempted to buy a Banpresto SQ prize of her and even bought a figma :) I didn't hear anything about Usagi Drop, maybe I'll check it out, thanks for advice :)

yeah, some people have told me they found slow as well. different points of view I guess. well, i hope you find more anime that you'll like. I'm going to start Death Parade. Its supposed to be very nice. I'm kind of getting more and more addicted to the world of figures, and its really interesting how someone can feel when they buy a figure and display. Sometimes just buying something has a different feel. I hope you know what im saying and you're not just thinking that's weird :P
8 years ago
mikki-malu8 years ago#4023618Hi :) I walk away from the Motoko page to answer your question coz it would be off-topic there :)
A friend of mine was a collector and told me a lot about figures, and then I saw Momohime :) She was my first PO and that's how I got in - I started with some amazing figures :D But I never was too interested in anime, I watch something from time to time and even have a to-watch list but my anime obsession started and ended with Sailor Moon series back when I was a teenager.
I was going to read/watch One Piece maybe 3 years ago aaaand - I have a few figures, I have artbooks, I love the art style but I'm still at the very beginning of the manga, never got to anime. I watched maybe half of Kill la Kill, I liked it but then I forgot about it and still didn't finish it :) I guess anime is just not quite my thing. But if you know a show as wonderful as Barakamon - I'll make a note coz it's my favorite :)

i never knew what momohime looked like until you told me about her, and she looks very nice and unique. I dont read a lot of manga, but i am kind of an anime addict. I havent watched anime that are similar to barakamon, but i've read a lot about Usagi Drop and i think you might like it. If you look sci-fi, you can watch Steins;gate which is one of my favorite anime.
8 years ago
mikki-malu8 years ago#3818340Yes, those drawings are mine, I'm glad you like them, thank you very much :)))) I don't plan to do commissions now, I'm just drawing for fun to relax from work. Maybe sometime in the future, I never really thought about it :)

Well if you ever do, let me know :D
8 years ago

Are all those drawings on tumbler yours? I really like the one I linked but the others are great too. Do you do any commission work?
8 years ago
C0ll3ct0R8 years ago#3088203Your arts are good

Thank you :)
8 years ago




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