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Have no money for life, but a little for figures.

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Jeeves and Wooster (fav anime in "Favorites")
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long legs, stockings, short black hair, magical girls, idols
Hurts, Depeche Mode, Queen, Fall Out Boy, Muse, The Weeknd
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Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! :)
10 months ago
Happy Birthday!!!
10 months ago
Thanks for the FR, nice to see you on here! :)
11 months ago
11 months ago
minami_desu (2 years ago) #2917636Sorry for the very late reply! o_o
Well I really should watch Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso now, I love drama (I already downloaded it!)
And what Xiao-Mei figures are you talking about? These ones - picture/1206712... ? Well, if yes, I think that without doubts MF's is better, look at these perfect-sculpted folds, face and these loooong legs! *___* BTW I like your new Muv-Luv figures. I haven't watched the show, but I think one day I will buy this Inia figure, she is so adorable ITEM #96608 ^3^ And well, Maiko Madoka...congrats! And hope your wallet-kun survived :D

No problem, take your time. n_n

Yaaay..!!! I like drama too but that was too much ;-; If you like classical music You will love the soundtrack :3

I'm talking about that MaxFactory version and this ITEM #88164 Kotobukiya version... >_< I think I will go for the MF's version.

I haven't watched Muv-Luv tbh but I really like the figurines that I got (there's another in my wishlist) hehe. *_* that Inia is really cute..!!! X3

I got my Maiko Madoka pre-order on Nippon-Yasan, she is being re-released on October it's a big chance to get her at a reasonable price. I'm plannig to get Mami and Homura too maybe by the end of this year. My wallet is alive (for now) :S
2 years ago
Good to hear that you're doing well!
I've been great...!! ñ_ñ

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has become one of my favorite anime, I recommend you to get a box full of tissues... X3 I haven't watched Madoka:The rebellion but I read the plot, I can't give my opinion until I watched the movie though...

Xiao-Mei is pretty cute, I want to get a Xiao-Mei figurine but I can't decide which one I should get (MaxFactory or Kotobukiya version) X(

Last week I received some manga and these figurines:
- Yui Takamura (Kotobukiya)
- Cryska Barchenova (Kotobukiya)
- Tatenashi Sarashiki (FREEing)

I had 7 pre-orders for this month but 3 of them have been delayed u_u
2 years ago
Hey minami-chan...!!!

How have you been?!

Some new additions to your collection?

Have a nice day n_n
2 years ago
minami_desu (2 years ago) #2806609No, she is too expensive for me. And I haven't seen the third Madoka movie, maybe I'll regret not bying her after watching ._.

I saw her price right after the release date and it was more expensive than the price set during the PO... it's very sad =(

p.s.: I sent you a FR, hope you don't mind accepting it. ñ_ñ
2 years ago
minami_desu (2 years ago) #2806447Yeah, that's what I'll do - save money for beauty Kiss-Shot and Mirai. Good luck you too with buying the figures you want :3

Thank you...!!! My wish list keeps increasing hehe =P

I see that You got the Ultimate Madoka, are You planning to get the Akuma Homura figure??
2 years ago
minami_desu (2 years ago) #2806332I just couldn't resist ordering because I love Mirai so much *toki-doki* Even if there appears another figure of her, I will not regret ordering this.
Talking about other figures, I'm soo afraid that Kiss-Shot will be released in November or October and I won't have money D: I can always sell one of my kidneys tho. . .

In fact there are a couple of figures I'm waiting for and that is the main reason for me to wait and see what happens with the releases on the second half of the year. I really want to get the Kiss-shot figure but it wont be cheap. You can start saving some money so you can keep your kidney with you :P
2 years ago
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