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Hello my name is Vi and welcome to my Adventures In Debt.
(i dont even play maplestory much anymore)

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tacky green heart accessories
Anything really
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mintea (2 years ago) #3728341o shit u got that hella nice yamato

ye ye

and now that my bookshelf is here and assembled, i finally have a place to display her without having to worry about dust and the like
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3457282i hate to be a bother, but i was curious if your nendo had arrived yet and if you still have the code? :o

It's not a bother. He hasn't arrived yet. Since he will surely be caught up by customs, ask again in about 1 - 2 weeks. That's pretty much the time frame in which the people from customs hold him after he finally arrives per SAL in Germany. If you are willing to wait, ask again in about 1 - 2 weeks ^^
2 years ago
I got him on his last re-release on AmiAmi for just 3860 JPY. ^^mintea (2 years ago) #3284275how much were you able to snatch the elusive shadow dio for?
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3290714Oh wow i just realized I didn't reply to your previous comment wow that's my mistake.
And huh, that's really odd. Though probably a mistake

Definitely a mistake, but probably the most unusual order mistake ever ahaha. Sending something off and forgetting to send the actual order. I sent them an e-mail and hopefully they will reply to it soon.

Also, don't worry about it!
2 years ago
Update on Otaku Republic since I was happy enough to make a second purchase with them any my experience this time was... weird.
They sent me a gift, but the gift was ALL they sent me. They didn't send me my actual order, even though it was marked on the package... well, time to email them and hope this works out because I'm not so happy about it :/ Just thought I'd let you know.
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3274465moaki
*deletes Show By Rock*
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3274686Dang that's a hell of a bargain if you got them bundled for the same price :')
Yeah, I'm hardly believing it myself. I wasn't even hunting for them since their aftermarket prices are so high, especially The World. I pretty much gave up on owning any RAH from JoJo until I saw that auction ... I actually read your review before making a choice so you're partly to blame for my purchase ! ^_^

Can't wait to display them on my desk ! Now to hunt for Jotaro/Star Platinum ...
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3274001curious, how much did you pay for the DIO RAH?
Found him and The World for 36k on Yahoo Auctions.
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3240998I hear to actually keep WoW free it's one of those things where you have to be on it constantly and actually active. It's probably more for old people who are fed up than newer people, unless someone pays your way or pitches in to help you. Then again I know nothing about WoW outside of the specs required to play it, which is like 16 GB of VRAM or something.
Yeah, it's nice to have things to expand upon it, but sometimes I feel like being done with something is just as rewarding. Still, with a character shrine, it's nice to have it big instead of just... end at some point. And yeah since he's iconic, and they just ended part 3's official animation, they'll probably dish out some more. I really just hope it's not overrun by just goods and instead actually has some new figures. Although they just released a new S.A.S. & they revealed the paint for the exclusive figure, I was hoping they'd allow someone else the rights for Jojo so we could have someone new sculpt a character. But alas, Wonfes's most exciting news was that they brought out the 1/1 scale DIO again and that's about it.
Hmmm, maybe it is. I always hear people being worried about sharing dorms and stuff and I've never really checked their location. But then again it would make sense that it's in America because education and helping people is the last thing on this countries priorities and the main focus seems to be "lets allow students to be in much debt as possible. Having your own room? Nah!" It's ridiculous. I've shared a room before though and it's really annoying. With my sister, but still... Stuff piled everywhere.
Oh man, I'm really glad I'm not super into collecting shoes. I know some people who are just always buying shoes and I"m like "Oh I have 10 or 15 pairs that's really all I need..." But my grandma prolly has like 40+ and it's like ??? Where do they all go?
:') I saw people online with those free Jojonium posters. I was like dang I want one I say as I hate having posters up. Even though I have like 8 up at the moment. Still, I'd like to have less... but my walls were looking a little barren.

Yeah I don't imagine it's sustainable at all, sounds absolutely crazy ;; I'll continue to stay far away for my health/wallet/sanity ahaha. Although I know people who try to recruit me to it and its so tempting ;-; but noo I must resist.

I think I know what you mean in some cases, like my Professor Layton collection I haven't bought anything new for so it has in a sense been 'finished' as a display in my room for years, and I'm happy with that without feeling the urgent need to expand on it and get everything. I put it into a nice display that perfectly fits almost everything that I have and I'm happy with it that way, expanding it would just kinda throw off what I have right now ;-; If that makes sense?
But still, I don't wanna think about running out of things to collect for certain characters... constantly building and expanding upon a shrine feels long-term satisfying I think.
Yeah, I was hoping for more Dio too ;; but at least the exclusive figure looks super nice!! I'm sure there will be more Dio news to come. I feel the same way though, it would be super nice to see someone else take on it, I'm sure something really awesome and new could be done.

It sounds really unusual to me. University is a place where you're grown up, independent and you especially need your own space... why would people be forced to share rooms like children at camp or something? I can't imagine it. Thankfully I've never shared a room, I grew up practically as an only child. (Although I do have a brother, he doesn't live with us since even his kids are older than me OTL)

Ahaha yeah, where do they all go indeed. The problem is that I love collecting really nice/fancy shoes, but I end up wearing the same 1/2 beat up pairs everywhere... and all my nice ones have only been worn once or twice at best or not at all ;; Which is why I really needed to stop doing that ahaha.

I don't have any posters up right now either so I feel that. My room doesn't really have much good space for putting them. I mean, there IS wall space, but I'm pretty sure it would look weird on any of that wall space.

By the way, I got my OtakuRepublic order! And they did give a free gift! They also upgraded my shipping to 'priority' (EMS) since it was my first order which I didn't expect, which isn't actually a good thing in most cases because customs would have killed it if it was even a liiiittle bit more than I paid, but thankfully it was fine and it got to me 2-3 days after they sent it!
The free gift is a little hard for me to understand what it is though, I won't lie. I looked it up online to identify. It's apparently a Lawson exclusive clear file, Phantom Blood version. It's a little hard to decipher since it's in that scribbly style Araki sometimes uses between chapters, but I believe it's Zeppeli and... Dio wearing Zeppeli's clothes? Twice? Like 2x Dio at the bottom in the same clothes. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be wearing the same outfit or what. But it's pretty cool, clear files are the one type of merch I really don't use but I'd still like to collect them anyways! Now to put it with my miscellaneous merch while I figure out how to display it... how do you display these kinda things? Or do you just sort of keep them?
2 years ago
mintea (2 years ago) #3225756GW2 is pretty fun. It's not super grindy. As long as you quest you'll be able to level pretty efficiently. And there's plenty of places to quest. You get exp from wandering around and discovering stuff too. Also don't dig the WoW grave for yourself. You can technically play it without a sub but you have to live on it pretty much.
Well, when you do finally run out of figures, at least there's a flood of doujin material for Jojo. I see a lot of events that are Jojo only on my tl in Japan and then there's the Korean fan events where they also release books, and now even the western community is beginning to release books and there's people on places like Etsy and what not... I don't think it's possible to truly run out of Jojo things to collect. But Dio & Kira stuff that's official, yeah you'll run out of probably. I don't even want to think of that point personally cause I don't know what point I'll say "I have enough Jojo stuff now." Especially when there's so many characters and so much merch out there...
The space struggle is always too real. Though it might be wiser to leave things at home or with relatives when going to university unless you'll be rooming by yourself. I don't hear 'em all the time but every once in a while there's those Roommate Horror Stories :')
I kinda know the feeling of wanting to spend money on figs rather than clothes, not gonna lie. Sometimes it's just like 'Yeah... Instead of this, I put this money into buying Dio." But then again before Dio I killed off my mmo spending for the like 20th time... At least so far, I've gone back and HAVEN'T spent any money on maple at all. Just going to refuse to give nexon my money at all for a good while. Though now that I think about it I should probably not buy figures and virtual clothes and get some more real clothes :')

Hmm it does actually seem pretty fun :0 I'll have a look into it, got a lot on my plate atm of things I'm trying to do so I haven't really been gaming lately but I will look into it! Yeah I heard about that, you can pay with the in-game money or something but it doesn't sound sustainable at all?

They do seem to continue releasing merch for Jojo almost endlessly though, and let's hope it stays that way. I think Dio will always continue to get merch as the central iconic Jojo villain, or at least I hope so. I love collecting doujin items too though so I have a lot out there to collect if I focus on that too :D Although I really don't wanna think about a point where I run out of things to buy or decide I've got enough... I sorta wanna try and always be expanding my collection.

The roommate thing is weird, I think that's an American thing? It seems common over there but I've never heard of anyone in the UK actually having to share a room with someone in university... everyone gets their own rooms, even if they're just sharing a flat or something. If it's uni owned accomodation like halls, you definitely get your own room. Locked with a key so only you can go in there, which is what I had last year and I'll be having this year too. So no worries about roommates and my figures get to come along too :D I really don't think I could share a room with anyone else, figures as part of the equation or otherwise :/ I like having my own space.

Ahaha yeah I haven't bought actual clothes for myself in a long time since I got heavy into collecting again... I just feel like I'd rather spend the money on that. It's weird though cause clothes used to be where almost all my money went, although maybe it's a good thing I got distracted, god knows I don't need any more shoes.

By the way, since we were speaking of free gifts, something I ordered on eBay came with a lil Jojonium poster of Dio? It's probably not much but it's really nice looking with those colours, and of course it's Dio so it's even better :') Just another example of small lil gifts making all the difference. Also reminds me of the time I got a PS4 and I was just as excited about the unexpected Bloodborne poster inside the box as actually getting my PS4 ahahaha
2 years ago
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