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momiiji_kun split a Nendoroid with me. They were fast with responses and payment, and were very pleasant to split parts with. Thank you again.
1 year ago
Please clear your inbox, I am unable to msg you back ><
1 year ago
Hey, your inbox is full so I'm msging you here instead.

Here is everything I have left for her imgur.com/a/gj9...
I'd much rather sell her with all her arms and accessories as well so it's $15 for everything, the voice box is a bit buggy though, might need new batteries if you want it to work. Shipping is $4 plus around a dollar for paypal fees to the US.
1 year ago
Hey, heads up, I'm trying to message you about one of your ads but I can't because your inbox is full.
2 years ago
Hi, I'm interested in Sailor Jupiter. Would you send me a PM when you have a chance? Thanks!
3 years ago
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
your inbox is full but I'll leave my pm here
It is open on my claims list here!:


where you can also claim any of the remaining slots for an additional $12, no change in shipping
3 years ago
Inbox is full. Sora Nendoroid is still available.
3 years ago
Hello your inbox is full. Regarding the nota nendoroid-- What's your offering price? We can discuss from there :)
3 years ago
Hi, your inbox is full! I need to invoice you for shipping for ITEM #495440 - please PM me your address :)
3 years ago
Hi there, your inbox is full, trying to send you a message regarding the Eli strap :)
3 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value




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