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msskitties7 years ago#1453227I finished all the winter shows I was following, except for Chihayafuru 2, which is still ongoing. I'm checking out like 14 shows this season haha! Of course, I'll probably drop some along the way. Aw man, I still need to see Samurai Champloo and Berserk! I remember watching the first episode of Samurai Champloo (which was great) a long time ago, but I neglected to finish it for some reason lol. And I've heard awesome things about Berserk. Hmm, I can't really say what my favorite is anymore. I love a lot of series. Right now, Chihayafuru is pretty high up there. I loved Code Geass when it was airing a long while back, and even now it holds a special place in my heart lol. Yeah, I also love EVA and I'm definitely a Kaworu fan. I wish I had the money to pay for those top quality figures!!

Ahahaha you watch a ridiculous amount too!! *highfive* Once someone asked me what shows i was watching and i had a list of like 20 titles and they thought i was crazy...which we are but still. ;D I liked what i saw of the first season of Chihayafuru's first season but for some reason i just stopped watching it...I really need to pick it back up because i love board game/sports animes for some reason. (Even if i can't play them in real life to save me.) Code Geass was pretty good. Though I was a Rolo fan for some reason </3 most people hate him haha. Oh i know i used to have a friend who loved Kaworu so i would buy her his figures for holidays and such and they are super expensive!!! But at least there are a lot of different ones to choose from!!!
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msskitties7 years ago#1447291I will definitely do so eventually! I have a large backlog of anime to watch lol. And there's so many spring season shows I'm watching too! If not T&B, what is your favorite show? Just curious.

I know how that feels!!! I have way to many shows I'm watching. I watched like 7 series with the winter season so I'm taking a break with this spring season. I only have one or two. (and a few from winter to finish XD) Ummm that's really hard. There are so many good shows out there. I think I have to say Samurai Champloo or Berserk simply because I've watched them so much that I can repeat it line for line hahaha. There are just too many good shows out there though. What's your favorite? I see you're a Kaworu fan x)
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msskitties7 years ago#1444197Thank you, kind madame.
I'm seeing a lot of Tiger and Bunny lol. I take it you're a fan? I need to watch that show!

Hahaha now that you mention it I guess i do! XD; It's not my favorite show (though i do like it) but I love the character designs ^-^ >:D You should check it out ;D
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msskitties7 years ago#1443986Thank you!! You're one cool dude to be welcoming all these newcomers. :)

Thanks a lot ^_^
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Welcome to MFC! :D If you run into any questions I can try and help! Enjoy your stay ^^
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Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to the board msskitties! :)

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