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I have a figure photography blog at md3figurephotos... and a Pinterest board of figures/goods I own that are not listed on My Figure Collection www.pinterest.c...


Every time I add a figure to my Wished list at My Figure Collection, the star rating is really arbitrary to me. Because I don't know what each level of star means. So it's time I defined that.

5 = I absolutely must have this figure!
I love this character!

4 = I am obligated to get this figure.
But it's not really a character I love. Maybe it's a nice character, but I'm not obsessed.
Or maybe the character design is just irresistibly beautiful.
I love the series.
It's part of a character set, like a duo or a group within the series' context.

3 = On the fence about buying. I feel like I should want this figure, because I either like the series or the design. Or maybe the character is part of a group that I already plan to get a member of, so my completionist tendencies are nagging me to get this too. Or the parts/accessories are versatile and might be nice on another figure (I already have). Or it's a character I don't particularly like, or a character I liked a long time ago in a past fandom.

2 = I'm not going to get this, but if I ran into this figure on sale for an incredibly low price, I might consider buying it. Maybe I like the series, the design, the versatile accessories, or it fulfills my completionist tendencies. But it's not particularly a character I like. Or it's unreasonably expensive, for a character I'm not in love with.

1 = I'm not going to get this, even if I found it on sale. It's just kind of pretty. But it's not a character I especially like.
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Thank you, & hello to you too. ^_^
I'm not really sure how this place works, but I'm looking forward to organizing my collections here. ^.^
Thanks for the links to the FAQ & Community Guidelines. I'll be checking those out.
I hope to have pics up soon! ^u^
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Welcome to the board! :)

Enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the board!
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you :)
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Welcome to the board mysticdragon3! :)

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