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I only look at Karna
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Happy birthday~! (●´ω`●)
1 month ago
nagi2525nagisa (8 months ago) #35872129Vivi ~~ your inbox is full. ;DUwaaaa, cleared! Thank you for letting me know. > w <
8 months ago
Are you doing pick-ups at Jump Festa 2018? If so, I'm highly interested since there are a few HQ items I would like to get. :>
1 year ago
nagi2525nagisa (1 year ago) #24213486Hi! I still do provide the service!
I'll PM you the details. :)
Thanks for the interest!

Hi! Did you see my dm reply?
1 year ago
Hi there! Found your name on a article about proxy services. Are you still providing that service? There are some things I wish to get from Animate. Or is it better if I pm you instead? :)
1 year ago
Kyoya memento mori.
Hí im sorry my lap died and actually forgot to check here... Omg thats why i cant use the mfc page in my celphone, it never send my msgs well :/

I said that ill pay my invoice Next week if there is no problem ;_; im having troubles w this kind of stuff because no pc ;0;
1 year ago
Okay, that's great! And again, I'm really sorry to have bothered you!

nagi2525nagisa (2 years ago) #9326502Hi!
I found someone who will take your spot! :) It's all good now.
2 years ago
I'll try my best to find someone! I'm sorry, I thought it wouldn't effect you that much because I was on the third spot, but I guess I was wrong. I'll ask friends and try to get someone to fill my spot. Again, I'm really sorry!

nagi2525nagisa (2 years ago) #9324827Hey! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but yes, I did!
I was trying to find someone to take your slot and I'm currently waiting for them to reply.
It's a bummer for me to have someone confirmed drop out because I had just ordered a second box a few days ago thinking no one would be dropping out. Can't you find someone to replace you? I'd like to avoid the hassle of having to list it up for sale a bit everywhere and then, it ends up forgotten. I'll see what I can do on my side!
2 years ago
Hi! I pmed you something and I was wondering if you received it or not?
2 years ago
nagi2525nagisa (3 years ago) #5093982-snip-

That's awesome, I hope you get enough for the Japan trip!

Even I thought the same, honestly I only started watching it as a joke really after watching so many of the youtube crack videos, but it was a lot better than I expected, haha. Rei's actually my favorite because he's so over the top. XD Also I'm a slave for dem megane boys. ;u; Rin's my second favorite though. Did you watch the High Speed! movie by the way?

Thanks, it is a bit intimidating thinking how long I'll be in school for but I really enjoy what I'm learning right now and it'll be worth it in the end since a lot of people in the field have post-grad degrees too, especially Indians/those of Indian descent.

I'm actually in India right now! My internet connection has been very unstable so I haven't been very active at all lately, but I'll be leaving tomorrow after staying here for almost a month. I've had to attend 4 marriages and engagements while here, and Indian marriages usually last at least 2-3 days. x__x My cousins have been betting pretty busy, lol. Have you ever been out of Canada?
3 years ago
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