Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2519334Hello there, I have received Shinobu and I am as excited as a kid in a candy store :]
Thanks and I shall take good care of her!

That's great! I'm happy she arrived in good shape. I hope you enjoy her :) Thank you! Feel free to take pictures!
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2504142You are currently my favorite person ever. Thank you.
You're welcome! I hope you enjoy having her :)
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2500299Yes please, and thank you.
I shipped Shinobu today! I'll send you her tracking number when I get home! :)
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2500299Yes please, and thank you.

Ok will do! Please PM me your address so I know where to send her!
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2499464Hey,
Sorry about the late response I was busy at work, anyway I have money! WOOOO! and I am able to buy that Shinobu figure from ya!

No worries :) That's good news! Would you like me to get a price for shipping?
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2492403That sounds good. I need to see how much I get paid on Friday, If you are willing to wait a couple of days, so that I can see if I have extra money. I should let you know by Saturday, does that sound good?
That works. No worries. Just let me know what you want to do?
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2490414Makes sense. I see that Your in Virginia as am I. I'm in Alexandria,VA How much would shipping be?
Indeed sir. I live in Virginia Beach! It'll probably be 7-10 dollars from my experience :) That should be 2-3 day priority shipping.
6 years ago
nandez6 years ago#2488570Hello there!
My name is Alex and I'm new to this website and I just received an email about the Ad you have made about selling your Shinobu figure. If you could help me out with more information about how this works I would be grateful.

Hello! Welcome to MFC :) I can see you're a bit of a Shinobu fan. If you want her, all we'd do is determine shipping costs, come up with a total, and then I'd give you my PayPal address. After I receive payment, I'll send her to whichever address you want her to go to. That's all there is to it :)
6 years ago
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!



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