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Gunbuster, TTGL, E7
MOE Point(s)
Saber best girl
Classical, JPop, Electronic, Jazz, Soundtrack/OST
Nikon D5300
A good one.

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Happy birthday!
6 months ago
Good taste
10 months ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #15412276Happy birthday chief, make it great!

Thanks a lot man!! :)
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #15126280Hey! Congrats and have a great birthday.

Thank you!!! XD
1 year ago
hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
nataku411 (1 year ago) #14718099Happy birthday! Drink enough for the both of us!
Dunno if I can drink enough in alcohol, but I'll drink your share of iced tea. lol. Thanks m8.
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #13657208I was too hyped to heitate tehehe!

Awesome. I might get her. I just need to make sure she isn't going to clash with other figures.
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #13621159Hey! Are you gonna grab ITEM #394712 ?

I haven't really decided yet. I might. The coloring is lovely and I've been impressed with the other Stronger Sabers so far. A4e you?
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #13322439Well I seem to have spoken too soon. I was brought to torrential tears at all the amazing wonfes announcements... TWO Rem figures by GSC and Alter... And all the new sabers coming out... I can't even...

Saw all the new Sabers. Thank God only Alter Sweater Scathach and Hobby Max Japan (???) Nero Bride really hit my 'to buy' list. Some Jeanne's caught my interest too.
I'm a bit disappointed in no male servants. I really wanted a Robin, Shakespeare, or Hans. Maybe GSC will one day throw me a bone and release nendo petit sets of FGO servants.
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #13262761Mostly bought merchandise but attended the One Punch man event which was pretty ok, but the real treat were the concerts showcasing many popular artists like Jam Project, FLOW, TM Revolution, ect. I spent my birthday rewatching Re:Zero, an anime I'm completely obsessed over these days, and I've my eagle eyes on the market for Rem merchandise atm. Alter was an insta for me! Haven't seen anything else really getting me hyped, but I've my hopes up! What about you? Are you watching anything interesting?

Sounds like it was pretty fun.
Re:Zero? I'm a bit behind on newer anime. Most recent I watched was Sailor Moon Crystal 3 and the current Prisma Illya season.
I wish you luck on your hunt.

I'm feeling you on the hype thing. Even some of the newer Saber scales aren't doing it. Tbh, I think I'm burned out. I missed two none Saber scales I wanted due to Saber scales hitting the same time and now I just kind of regret it. Ah well. There is aftermarket. Right now I'm doing a bit of a purge.

So anything new in life?
1 year ago
nataku411 (1 year ago) #13084847Thanks! Things are as hectic as usual haha, I just got back a couple weeks ago from tremendously tiring but tremendously fun trip to Cali for Anime Expo, so I've kind of been in an after-con slouch since then. But all in all nothing much has changed. hbu?

You're welcome. Ah that's cool. I hope the con was fun. What guests/panels/meetups did you see? Well glad nothings changed for the worse. Did you do anything for your birthday?
I haven't been up to much myself. I mostly play FGO. Did you see that GSC's Saber Alter is getting a rerelease? Super excited. Anything pop up your excited for?
1 year ago
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