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I've been collecting for just over a year, I mostly collect jojo, godzilla and one piece.

I've got a few one character shrines for: Bruno Bucciarati, Ranko kanzaki, Kira Yoshikage and Godzilla. I'm working on a Mothra, Jotaro Kujo and a Dio&Pucci display.

I'm a sucker for monotone hair and pallet swaps.

A family can be one girl and 360 plastic men, no children, and maybe a cat

jojo, godzilla, soul eater, idol m@ster, rozen maiden, rose of versaille, nana, paradise kiss, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, another, Ergo Proxy, ghost in the shell, Hitsugi no Chaika, gosick, kill la kill, Mirai Nikki, One Punch Man, Panty & Stocking, xxxHOLiC
Gon, jojo, blame!, Blood Relatives, harry potter, lotr.
pokemon, danganronpa, overwatch, rune factory
MOE Point(s)
Silver hair, Black hair, Long hair, gothic, kuudere, maid
Folk, metal, Grunge, punk, electronica, house, dark house, dubstep, rock, sludge, nu metal, doom metal, indie, Silent hill 2 OTS
Well i call her velma

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Freddy I didn't realise you had so many Jojos omfg good stuff
1 year ago
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