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- Items for Sale - If your desire to own a figure of mine is greater than my desire to keep it, it can become yours for the right price, but you'll never know if you don't ask.

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Prices are negotiable and I will consider discounts for buyers who purchase multiple items.

Please inquire at negativezero55 "@" hotmail DOT com

US Shipping ONLY - sorry no international shipping unless you have a proxy. More pictures upon request.

Thanks for looking

- - Brand New, Factory Sealed, Never Opened, Never Displayed - -

Izulha of Ru/Li/Ru/La by Mega House / Hobby Japan
figure/754_ru_l... - $150

Boota (Cospa) (New , never removed from bag) - ITEM #35468 - $20

- - Opened, Not Sealed, inspected or photographed, but never displayed - -

Honey – Fighting Vipers (Red Ver.) - ITEM #26979 - $225

Yukari Morita of Rocket Girls by Chrono Gate
figure/643_rock... - $60

Saber & Shiroh (Sealed) / Archer & Rin (Open) - $19 each or $35 for both

Alone in the Dark Promotional Figure $30 obo

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Djibirl (Alter) (Open but never displayed)
ITEM #504 - $OLD

Queens Blade Rebellion Huit by Mega House

Rangiku Matsumoto by MegaHouse – ITEM #413 - $OLD

Kei Kishimoto of Gantz by Yamato
figure/703_gant... - $OLD

Mari of Evangelion by Sega
ITEM #17918 - $OLD

Xecty of Shining Wind by Kotobukiya
figure/308_shin... - $OLD

Wonder Woman Ame-Comi by DC Direct - www.amazon.com/... - $OLD

Chizuru Minamoto by Alphamax (opened and inspected never displayed)
ITEM #4941 - SOLD

EVE Daiki Kougyou - figure/5986_eve... - $SOLD

Kanu Unchou (Dynamite) New and Sealed - ITEM #349 - $SOLD

Kan’u Unchou Summer Vacation by OrchidSeed - ITEM #1007 - $SOLD

Queen’s Blade Melona by Griffon – ITEM #5709 - $SOLD

Blanc Neige by Kotobukiya - figure/140_shin... - $SOLD

Yoko (Konami) (New but not Sealed, never removed from clamshell) - ITEM #363 - $SOLD

Yoko (Sega) (New and Sealed) - ITEM #7056 - $OLD

Iroha by Lilics / Art Storm - figure/2485_sam... - $SOLD

Yuki Nagato Nendoroid of Haruhi Suzumiya by Good Smile Company
figure/183_suzu... - SOLD

Mizuho Kazami by Good Smile Company - figure/305_oneg... - $SOLD

Sana Horiuchi of Pia Carrot by Kotobukiya - figure/540_pia_... - $SOLD

Record of Agarest War Pilliow Case (WITH SOUNDTRACK) - ITEM #45069 - $SOLD

Aya Natsume by Bome / Kaiyodo - figure/839_tenj... - $SOLD

Drossel Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
ITEM #6604 - $OLD

Ignis (Orchid Seed) (New and Sealed) - ITEM #290 - $OLD

Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier by Banpresto
figure/17987_ma... - $OLD

Just a simple Figure collector. I love video games (console only) and would die without my PC. Trying to reduce the number of figures I'm buying due to space and needing money for other things. I like to kick back and watch international films, try new foods, and build a gundam every now and then. Currently trying to get through a huge backlog of games on my 360. It's both a good and a bad time to be a gamer. So many games and so little time.

Currently trying to reduce my collection to only must haves. Will take some time, but some will be for sale. Not all, but some.
Simpsons, Samurai Champloo
The Hunger Games Trilogy, those by Author Ha Jin
various XboxOne, 360 & PS3
Utada Hikaru, Ikimonogakari

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Happy Belated Birthday!
11 months ago
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Happy Birthday and best wishes.
11 months ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5263093Sounds like you have very understanding neighbors. Mine are pretty good too but they have their moments. Your roommate plays professionally? Is your third roommate a musician as well?
Interesting! I’ve never noticed that club before. I’ll do some lurking and see whats going on in there. For the most part I always join clubs but really never participate in them. Just trying to place myself amongst like minded people I guess. Or at least let them know I’m out there in cyberspace.
I wish I was into Japanese whiskey when I visited, I could have gotten some cool stuff. But it will definitely be on my to do list if I ever go back. Where did you go when you visited? A good bottle at a great price is always often under appreciated. I find it hard to finish bottles. I’d almost rather drink anything else than be without something. But while I wait, I’m sure the stuff is just evaporating.
MF Doom did some stuff with Adult Swim back in the day right. I know he wears the mask like Dr Doom. I like his delivery but all I can ever think about when I hear his name is Sofa King. Damn Aqua Team. I hear J Dilla mentioned a lot but was never really introduced to his work when he was alive. 90’s hip hop was the best. I hear Busta did a show last weekend that was very nostalgic. I’d recommend DJ Deckstream to you as well, Japanese like Nujabes, and he’s worked with a lot of hip hop artist you might recognize.
OMG. Was doing some research on Deckstream and it seems he dies in a car accident 9/1/15. damn damn damn. What a loss, RIP. “He's also worked with a lot of amazing artists from around the world such as Lupe Fiasco, T-Boz (of TLC), Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Verbal (of m-flo), Shing02, Nikki Jean & many more.”
Yes, I found Jessica through your profile. I’ve never seen her before but I certainly appreciate it. Clean and Simple. Nice find. Roger is one lucky rabbit.

Yeah, one of my roommates is a pro. She's played for bands that have toured the world and stuff. Our third roommate plays the guitar a little but not very serious about it. She's a vegan chef, which is great because she loves to feed us. We've lived together for eight years now. It's a rare and lucky occurrence to find roommates that are so easy to live with. What about you? Any roommates? Or just your plastic roommates?

I was mainly in Tokyo. That's where my friend lives with whom I stayed. She also took me to various places in the nearby Kanagawa prefecture (where she grew up). That was in 2010. I'd love to go back to see Kyoto/Osaka region. I was only there for ten days and she didn't think it was worth traveling to Kyoto and back. Where/when did you go in Japan?

Yup! MF DOOM did an album with Danger Mouse called DangerDOOM and it was all Adult Swim themed. That is a great album, have you listened to it? I never heard of DJ Deckstream. But I like that lineup of artists he features. I went to see DJ Krush (also Japanese) a few years ago. Are you into him at all?
Amazing Busta is still performing! I'm hoping DOOM and Ghostface will tour after DOOMStarks is released; I haven't been to a hiphop show in a while. They promised that album to us in 2015. We'll see, they've been talking about it for nearly a decade now....

I was looking for that Jessica figure for a while when I first started collecting. I ended up finding it on eBay and paid almost $200 for her. I didn't know about Y!JP auctions at that time though. I imagine that'd be the place to look for her.
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5214016Not exactly forced I guess, but music class was a requirement and i got stuck with the trumpet and could get nowhere with it. My nephew tried playing the drums when he was younger, but the noise and space requirements were an issue. How did people around you cope?
B2G1 at warehouse? Sweet, I don't pass by their store and their social media presence is zero, so I never know what they are doing, meanwhile Astor send me emails all the time.
I've done a few sales person to person from MFC, so NYC is definitely represented here. There should be a meet up or something of people trading figures.
I had Johnnie Blue once and loved it, so of course I had to buy a bottle (which is how I found the costco spot) so I completely understand how this can add up. A few Japanese Whiskys jumped in price once I got them and I can't find it for a decent price anymore (if I can find it at all).
There are lots of places in NJ but getting there and back will cost you if thats why you're going. Always nice to find a shop on the way back from a trip though.
I'm really big on Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, and others including The Weekend at the moment. You?

I live in the hood, so being loud is part of the culture. Nobody has ever complained about me playing the drums and I know a lot of my neighbors; some of them actually enjoy it. I'm pretty reasonable too: I only play two or three times a week and I usually do it in the afternoon when most of the block is at work. My roommate has a practice room because she plays almost everyday - so we can go there if we want to play late or something. Good system.

A meet-up would be a great thing to have. I noticed this group: CLUB #1178 but I'm not sure if they ever do anything like that. I haven't ever followed the thread to be honest. It might be a good place to develop interest but maybe no one will see it. It doesn't seem like clubs live very long (besides ones like "the questions and answers club").

I brought a couple of bottles back with me when I went to Japan but I don't think I ever bought a bottle of Japanese whiskey in the States. That's another thing I love about bourbon and rye: Since they're domestic, a good bottle is so cheap in comparison.

My favorite hiphop artist is MF DOOM (and all his alter egos). And he's by far my favorite: Probably 9 of 10 times I put on hiphop these days, it's him. I also like Madlib's alter ego Quasimoto. Madlib and DOOM are both excellent producers, but my favorite producer is definitely J Dilla (RIP). I read a review of Jay Dee that said something like, "JDilla: your favorite hiphop producer's favorite producer." I loved it. Also a huge fan of Jean Grae, she's dope. Also into a lot of classics like WuTang, Biggie Smalls and Nas (especially Illmatic).

I noticed ITEM #148218 just made it into your wishlist. I hope my profile had something to do with that. That's one of my favorite figures.
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5190250Seems like more of a passion than a hobby at 18 years. I attempted to play trumpet when I was younger but got nowhere, it was forced on to me by the NYC DOE back then. Never could pick it up.
JD was my first whiskey and I still go back every now and then, never had wild turkey but if the price is right, right? Got a bottle of Jim Beam at work sitting around waiting to be opened. Bulleit is great all around, price, selection and taste. That's the go to at bars lately.
Yup, in the city too. Warehouse is awesome too, first spot in the city that I realized had decent prices. Very easy to walk between Astor and Warehouse to compare prices. I wouldn't say go out of your way to get to the Costco spot since its out of the way but if you're ever over there check them out, plus you can preview the prices on the website.
It's a Tiny Tiny world I say...

I suppose it is a passion. Playing drums feels very "therapeutic" for me. It's good to encourage people to play music at a young age but that's crazy you were forced to play an instrument. I can't even produce an aesthetically pleasing sound from a trumpet. You'd think something with just three valves wouldn't be so hard, but nope, it definitely is.

That's hilarious, a tiny world indeed. I'm finding more-and-more New Yorkers on these pages all the time. Warehouse was the first spot I found that had decent prices too. They have 2for1 deals all the time when I love to browse. All those great prices add up though and I'm often spending way more than intended. Everyone says there's an even better place in NJ, but again, a car would be preferred... especially when I'm likely to be hauling a box of booze on the way back.

We seem to be on a similar wavelength here. You like the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. Any other hiphop?
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5189278My goal is it have a house with a basement devoted to gaming and pvc, my man cave. A drum kit must take up a lot of room, how long have you been playing?
Lots of EoTH interest on my end but I actually googled the EtOH to see what you were referring to and it made sense with the other acronyms. I've gotten into the whisky and scotch the past few years, mostly Japanese, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Taketsuru. But have expanded to many other scotches Macallan, Laphroaig etc. I enjoy a good bourbon or rye neat as well, Bulleit, Makers, I prefer those but will drink according to whats available too.
Funny you should mention Barr Hill, They did a tasting at Astor last year which I went to and they were giving away Raw unfiltered honey with purchase of the gin. I enjoyed it but didn't buy as I was buying whisky that day.
You've sparked an interest in Jefferson Presidential Select so I'll be on the look out for that now. I am familiar with Hudson, I see it all the time but have never tried it. Will add that to my to do list as well.
If you're familiar with the BK Costco, there is a liquor store next door which some very decent prices. www.brooklynliq...

That is a noble goal for sure! I've been playing drums for about eighteen years... but on-and-off. It's a hobby for me. One of my roommates plays professionally. I never learned jazz so she's teaching me that right now. Do you play any instruments?

I love those Japanese single malts too. They go down so smooth, almost too smooth. Big fan of Bulleit too - both their bourbon and rye are excellent - well worth the price. Maker's is a little on the sweet side, which isn't my preference but can be nice. I actually think Wild Turkey is an excellent value. That's the whiskey I drink at bars; it's usually the least expensive bourbon and I like it better than most middle-shelf bourbons. The 81 though, that 101 is dangerous.

Ok, you're mentioning Astor Place Liquors and recommending Brooklyn liquor stores... Are you also in the City? lol I've never been to that place you linked. I'll make it a point to check it out if I'm ever down there but I don't have a car and that area of Brooklyn hardly sees me. I often go to Warehouse of Wine and Spirits on Broadway, it's near Astor www.warehousewi.... They also have great deals there and mad easy to get to. You know that spot too?
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5142580now , that i can understand. my apt is pretty big, but i keep all pvc to one room and its reached its limit. 'Fueled by EtOH, THC & PVC' nice. what's your drink of choice?
That's a dream I have: An extra room devoted to PVC (and my drum kit). Maybe if I ever leave nyc but rent here is too high to make that dream come true right now.

Nice! Most people don't know that notation for ethanol. Did you study chemistry? I like whiskeys the most: Bourbon, then rye, then scotch. Jefferson Presidential Select has been my favorite bourbon but I hardly get it due to the price (over $100 for a 750). Tuthillton Spirits (aka Hudson), a fairly local distillery, makes a superb four grain bourbon (corn, rye, wheat & barley). Just about as expensive as Jefferson Presidential Select by volume but Hudson comes in 375mL bottles so it's an easier purchase to make. Recently, I got into some clear spirits too... mostly gin. I found this gin by Barr Hill. From what distributor told me it's owned by beekeepers which explains the raw honey they add. Make a martini with that using a lemon twist (instead of olive brine) and you have a beautiful thing. What about you? Any EtOH passion?
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5142467Many people tell me to get a storage unit but i refuse. Why should i give them money to hold my stuff when i can use that money to get more figures!? :)
I definitely hear that. It took me a while to give in. I have a pretty small room though (typical nyc resident) and I have two female roommates (so I don't feel comfortable storing any of my collection in the common space). My room eventually got so cluttered, I didn't want anyone to go in there. So for me it was worth it. To have a closet again...
2 years ago
negativezero (2 years ago) #5142355Thank you, its become a bit overwhelming at the moment but its my joy. I love your work. You have great vision.
If you are a Champloo fan and enjoyed the music, I would recommend looking into Nujabes, he created the soundtrack. He passed away a couple years ago but his music lives on.

Thank you for the compliments. It means a lot to me whenever I get support.
I know what you mean by overwhelming. Even with the size of collection, I ended up losing control of my bedroom. I broke down and got a storage room a couple weeks ago. Sucks paying rent in two places but overall worth it for me.

Thanks for recommending Nujabes. The soundtrack was one of the things I loved immediately. I'll definitely check him out.
2 years ago
Your collection is off the hook! Amazing!

Also happy to see you're a Samurai Champloo fan. That's the first anime series I fell in love with. I saw it on Adult Swim in 2004 and bought the whole collection.
2 years ago
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