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Yo! I'm Jordan, I'm 21 and I collect all kinds of cute girls. I post about my nendoroids on my instagram: 8kuji, and my general collection on shuten_douji~

The characters I mainly collect are Karna (Fate), Kurosawa Dia, Nakatsu Shizuru, Minato Tomoka, Shiro (NGNL), Yuuki Mikan, and Kirigaya Suguha! My collection is a big mess of different series and things, but I love them all. In the next few years I plan to concentrate on collecting Fate series and original pieces by my favorite artists. I work really hard to support my collecting, as I am on a tight budget and I don't make that much money at my job. If you want a collection up to your standards, just work hard for it!!

I'm female, 21 and bi, but I lean more towards women. I spend most of my free time playing VNs and games on my PS4, and I do DnD once a week! I have paranoia & panic attack problems but I try not to let them stop me from working and leaving the house normally. I aim to go to AX in 2018 if possible! (It's a bit far away for me ^^')

Instagram: 8kuji & shuten_douji
Twitter: kancollle
tumblr: maho-iku
PSN: kashiima
NGNL, Angel Beats!, Rewrite, Grisaia no Kajitsu
Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Kuzu no Honkai, Soredemo Boku wa Kimi ga Suki
Lia, Ray, Clammbon, Nano.RIPE

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Are nendoroids worth buying? I noticed you have tons of them.
6 months ago
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