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14 days agomaggiemaggie
nekosasuke (4 days ago) #24756536awesome! then ill pm you my zip so you can let me know the costs/shipping when you find out :)

Could you give me exact links to the sasukes you wanted? When I plug in the item # they don't show up. Also you can go to my blog where there may be more sasukes than what is on MFC: jesssellsherstuff.blogspot
14 days agomaggiemaggie
nekosasuke (9 days ago) #24588703hi im interested in a couple of the plushies you are selling (if you still have them/are still selling and if you ship to canada ^^)
item #17834 (edward elric) item#17700 (sasuke) and maybe item#17900 (sasuke), thank you :)

Yes I don't mind shipping to canada but I believe I need your canadian zip to calculate shipping
17 days agopocket-coffeepocket-coffee
nekosasuke (9 days ago) #24585373I love your sasuke and naruto collection!

Thank you very much ^^
byw "Your compatibility with nekosasuke is 100%" ahah :)
113 days agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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