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Welcome to my profile! It's been a fun first year using MFC to track my collection. Uhuhu, would I have obtained this many grail figures so quickly without the help of this addictive site? Probably not.

Spring is approaching and I'm already planting seeds to grow my relationship with my collection and myself. I've decided to go back to school to pursue graphic design and save up for my lifelong dream of visiting Japan. Soon I'll muster up the courage to cancel some pre-orders (kamimashita) and sell some figures that were well-loved.

I don't regret the indulgence overall. I'm happiest when I'm surrounded by colors and characters that energize me. Growing my collection reminds me to reflect, do my best, and not be afraid of change.

I hope to engage with more aspects of the hobby and love it more deeply, less passively. I'm finding that starts with a love of self and real life.

Leave it to a NISIOISIN fan to have an "About Me" reading like a journal entry. What's with all the words about living?

We're here because we want to see pretty illustrations enter the third-dimension!



Thanks! Glad you like the pictures I put, I tried to arrange them and color coordinate them nicely. Akaitsui has the best chibis; discovered them through the many commissions they did for @CyrusOshino on Instagram.
1 month ago
Love the Kanbaru profile pic.
1 month ago
thank you so much<333
5 months ago
thanks kindly for the friend request!! ;_; it's nice to meet you!
6 months ago
Thank you so much! It was good, would have been better if my Levi figure wasn’t delayed lol.
6 months ago
hi! :D thank you for the birthday wish and for accepting my fr ♡ I love your collection!
7 months ago
Happy late birthday! Sorry about the major delay in leaving this comment. Have a good day.
7 months ago
Awe thank you so much!! ^-^
8 months ago
Hello, are you still looking to buy the Tsukihi figure? I am selling mine. Please message me if interested.
8 months ago
thanks for the friend request, your collection looks really cool!
8 months ago