i a freek. Im le weirdo.......
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my favorite characters ever are charlotte, my melody, and popee (~ ̄ ▽  ̄)~
i am also on a quest to collect EVARY CHARLOTTE
feel free to msg me if we like similar stuff!!!
i am slow responding sometimes but it is always epic to talk to people with shared interests :D


https://66.media.tumblr.com/0b8be4d42c77b877f3322a1ad8614aea/f429f1f3b0808300-3d/s250x400/2f62a353eabee8435ee5c65569125e21f98b131e.gifcheck my carrd if you wanna know more about me!
visit collection house if you're looking for a nice collecting discord server :D
i also have an anime server of my own ^_^


(*^▽^)/ my chease freaks22

✧・゚: *my dreams items.....21


i'm honestly not sure! i can't even remember where i got it from ... maybe some tumblr post? it's so cute but. odd. i love it. sorry i don't have the answer you're looking for !
12 days ago
HEYY!!! and yeah AHAH thats exactly what i did...well im sadly missing both bases and the wings on one of them so they stand near the handy fuuka i ordered along with them (ebay auctions can be so good actually)...

AND YWW the witches in pmmm are frankly...my favorite aspect of the show? and charlottes simply the most iconic....u do so well to collect her...
3 months ago
Oh heyy, this is actually @ciappa.figs (used to be collectzonea) on insta!!
Thank you soo much!! I actually don't know much about saikano, looks interesting, I just felt compelled to buy these figurines when I saw them on ebay bc they were reallyyy cute to me, even if they have some parts missing ;-;

Always been in admiration of your Charlotte and nichijou collection BTW!!!
3 months ago
thank u i hope so too!!! :) & LOL that's understandable tbh! imo hard work is really satisfying! i like structure tho so maybe i'm just crazy... but yeah hehe ^_^
4 months ago
ooh psychology!! being a school counselor sounds like a great job! i had some really great and helpful conversations with my counselors when i was in school <3 you could really help a lot of kids ^__^ but ofc there's always room for your career to grow! for me, film is something i've pretty much always wanted to do!! i love the idea of making costumes and set-dressing and setting up The Perfect Shot(s)... obviously i can't do all of that, but i'd settle for being a director of some kind!

but OMG... what a scary thought 0.o i think the perfect drink to put in the rena cup would be... strawberry milk ^w^
4 months ago
YESSS!! figz and merch are nice but getting an education is important! have u decided on a major yet? i'm not planning on going to college (yet, at least) but if i were going to, i think i'd major in film or something that would lead to a career in character design hehe!

rena is adorable and silly... she makes the whole series worth it for me, i think! & i know what u mean about satoko! i didn't care about her much at first but her arc really got to me TT && OMG. i've fished around in all the rena figz on the site and i've never seen that one b4! she looks like one of those character cups for babies w/out the straw (0 o 0) but the art is very cute!!!
4 months ago
hello!! aw thank uuu ^___^ i'm glad u like my collection so far!! tbh i haven't really been able to start it yet and most of the dolls and figures i have are from more than a few yrs ago heheh... but when i get some disposable income *w*... i adore higurashi! my fav char is rena! do u have a fave yet?
4 months ago
Hi there!

I see you have Metal Sonic from Loot Crate (ITEM #801476) on your wishlist. If you live in the US, I have one for sale for 20! Pm me if you are interested!
5 months ago
i love ur page !!!!!!!!!! :D
5 months ago
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