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UPDATE I was finally contacted back and they acknowledged they made a mistake and the figure was actually not available. And promised to send back my money. Today I received my payment back.


I ordered an in stock item with this company as the normal shops i order from did not have this anymore. I've ordered twice before and both times were delivered. I knew they were slow to ship out and also lack communication. But did not realize they have become even worse and basically the worst shop I've ever dealt with. Since the ordered in stock item did not arrive on time I messaged and called them. Both times they promised I will be contacted. But of course I was never contacted. All empty promises by an outsourced call center which can't do anything. There is further no way to reach the company itself. I filed a complaint today when I called again. But I don't expect them to take it seriously so next step would be to complain at ODR and afterwards take legal actions (i live in the same country) and contact my bank and get my money back.

Friendly advice, if I were you don't buy from this shop and stay away from them as far as possible. I don't even know how they can still be in business with how they run things
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As someone else said they put items on their website but they aren't actually deliver anything. Otaku Square is basically the 2nd coming of Nippon Yassan (in their last years) but only worse imo. No communication from their side, They're just taking your money and go radio-silent.

Today they've listed a item which is only sold exclusively by AmiAmi. This shows how dishonest they are. Otaku Square is just listing everything w/o any intent to deliver.

I had placed a order last year, but due to negative reviews I filed a dispute at Paypal at the end of the 180 days and gotten my money back. However till this day I still receive updates on this order regarding delayment although the item has been released for quite some time. This shows they aren't putting any effort on updating or working on their orders.

I'm warning everyone not to involve with Otaku Square. If you're intending to place pre-orders on important items, I would heavily discourage you from doing so since you'll 100% miss out on the item. If you're placing orders on in-stock items then you can try but only via Paypal since you can always file a dispute and escalate to a claim within 180 days after purchase.
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I never had problems with them until a while ago. I had to contact their customer service (very nice person I talked to btw) since one of my items didn't get shipped out for months when it was clearly in stock. Thankfully I got the dispatch notice now.

Otherwise from my first few orders alone I'd say they're reliable, just use paypal if anything does go horrably wrong so you have a backup.
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I left a review that details my thoughts and experiences with Otaku Square here: shop/164/feedba...

To summarize though, I can't recommend them. I've bought from a number of different stores and private sellers and have never had as much difficulty with an order as with Otaku Square.

If you do decide to buy from them, good luck and be prepared to have to be proactive with them.
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The item I ordered from them arrived pretty quickly considering it was an international shipment and was around the holidays. They packed it well and otherwise met my hopes and expectations on that front. As well, their customer service was quick to respond when needed (again, especially given that it was the holidays). Overall, they're legitimate and good. Would recommend if needed.
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