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Hii my name is Shyy
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I'm Shyy and this is my page!


I am very new to Figure/Anime merchandise collecting but I really enjoy this and vinyl collecting!

If you have any questions or want to talk I guess leave a comment (or message me) I don’t really know how this site really works yet!

Thanks for visiting my page hope u r well!


daww id love to chat!<3
6 days ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Oh haha, don't worry, the confusion was mine since we were talking about Fatal Frame, I just have FF always on my mind xD I've also played all after 9, and the ones I enjoyed most, even for their story are the online ones, XI and XIV.
1 month ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Love to talk too and we have so many things in common, you really opened a big theme of conversation with FFIV, it's my favorite of the classics together with 6 and overall too since after 9... Well... 9 was incredibly beautiful and fun to play, that's one of my favorite JRPG of all time. Also I'd love to talk more but DMs here without being a "premium" user are a bit uncomfortable, as I always have 100/100 inbox and outbox and need to delete some everytime I have to send more. If you have Discord mine is Lia#0948, that's what I use most, but if you have Steam that's fine too, I'm always on in both~
1 month ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Just noticed you've added some games to your list~ Besides SH and Guilty Gear that are among my favorites too and we commented the other day, I'm sure you're as excited as me for the upcoming Bayonetta and Fatal Frame, for Bayonetta I expected it and can't wait for it but the new Fatal Frame was a total surprise for me, I love this franchise so much and revisiting each of them as I do with the 3 first SH so often. Project Zero concept was super original and fun to play.

Since you're into horror too, have you played Yomawari? There's two titles and they mix cute 2D designs with horror on an old countryside japanese town, I was so hyped for it since it was announced by Nippon Ichi and even if they're 2D they were super scary, always played at around midnight with earplugs on, it was a great experience~ If you're into visual novels or just reading, Death Mark is awesome too ^^
1 month ago
Would definitely recommend using Amiami. You'd get the best shipping prices from them, and your figures will be ready to ship 1-2 weeks of official release. That's where i get all my pre-orders. They are great because they dont charge you till the item is in the warehouse itself, and the shipping is only calcuated once the item is there. Even chinese manufactered figures will go on amiami aswell, so you dont miss out on them ^^. MFC sadly doesnt allow chinese origin figures made by chinese companies in the database (its silly ._.).

However, you can definitely order from native themselves. The issue is that you can not cancel orders from them, and you probably have to pay immedietly or some kind of down payment.

The new insight figure is on amiami aswell, here is a link! www.amiami.com/...
1 month ago
Awh, thank you too! ;;. I am SO glad you like resi aswell omg!!. I love chris and leon iuhdasisad. Have you seen the new yaoi figure by insight? :OOO ITEM #1339902 HE LOOKS AMAZING AHH i had to insta preorder.
1 month ago
No problem at all! I've enjoyed Native's stuff for a while now. Their quality is top tier, and their progress is insanely quick compared to other companies. I hope we get more bl figures from them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Also glad to see more people that have enjoyed the Silent Hill series! :O They were my first horror games and i LOVED every second. Too bad we wont recieve any new games it seems ;;. My personal favourite is Silent Hill 2 for sure.

(ANOTHER BAYONETTA FAN AAAA, she looks so good in bayonetta 3 qq)
1 month ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Yeah I've listened to them as much as FF ones and there's so much more FF games, but I just love everything about Akira Yamaoka style and pity the people who say "it's just sound effects for the game", they haven't paid enough attention or haven't even played them. And of course the more musical ones like the main themes and vocals are amazing~

About pre-orders I can write so much about it so I'll just tell you the main ones I use and you can ask anything specific if you have any doubt left~

I pre-order 99% of my figures and merchandise on AmiAmi, they always do pre-order discounts and never ever had a problem with them:


There's many other decent sites but this is the one I've always used. Then you'll be sometimes at the situation of a figure being sold exclusively on a certain site, so that's pretty straightforward, you buy on the site they sell it. In the case it's Japan only shipping, use either a forwarding or proxy service. Basically they will buy and ship to you for an extra fee that isn't super expensive.

Proxy does everything for you, you tell them your order and they register on the site, purchase it and everything, so the fee is more expensive.

I use forwarding since I'm already registered in these sites and don't have any problems navigating them. This is cheaper as you do everything, they give you their adress so you put it on the site, and when you purchase it they will send it to them, and them to you, I use blackship.com/

Lastly, I mentioned AmiAmi for pre-orders, but if you're looking for an already released figure, be it second hand or new, while AmiAmi also offers this service, the best place for second hand stuff is Mandarake, has the most stock all the time and better prices, and it's also the one I can recommend since for older/released figures not in stock on normal stores I've always used this one, here's a link to the bishoujo figure category:

You can search for tapestries, mousepads, or any merchandise you can think of, that's the biggest second hand chain in Japan for "otaku" culture stuff, and I say second hand but for some reason almost everything there is new and unopened, they will specify when it's opened. Also don't pay attention when it says "Box damaged", they always write that but in fact the boxes are always like new, without even any degree of wear corners etc. But pay attention to the images, if there's even a tiny scratch in the box or any kind of damage, minor or not, they'll have images of it.

Hope that helps! I was a bit extensive since you mentioned you're new to the hobby ^^
1 month ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
It was an amazing coincidence we have the first 3 anime the same and in the same order, haha. And yeah haha, I love feet, especially in manga, anime, etc. And about the avatar besides the fact of it being a feet I think the colors are super beautiful~

About SH 2 and 3 are truly masterpieces, and I had the luck of meeting Akira Yamaoka as he came to Barcelona 3 or 4 years ago to a convention, took a picture for him and later I went to the live show he played at ^^

Also there's a lot of anime and manga missing, I haven't touched the lists in years, after all I have an Anilist for my favorite manga and anime, completed, etc ^^
1 month ago
Kiriha-Sumeragi I became the abyss itself.
Welcome to the site! Your 3 favorite anime are perfectly mine too~ Evangelion was what got me interested in purchasing all kind of merchandise and what got me into figure collection, bey Rei and Asuka the first ones~ I'm a big fan of Cyberpunk and Yoshitoshi ABe and there isn't much to say but what a masterpiece Lain is, no less than Cowboy Bebop, I love by default anything composed by Yoko Kanno but Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece in every aspect~

Again, welcome to the site and can't wait to see how your collection grows~
1 month ago
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