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oh it's Kaito in ur avatar super cute ^^
3 years ago
Hi! Nice Vocaloid Nendoroid collection >_<
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1476020yea. the cheerful japan nendoroid boxes are cuter compared to the regular vocaloid nendos boxes :)) and oh yea, there will be a sakura miku module. so excited for more modules to come out >u< ..

yes, the design really interesting, the blue box really remind us with kaito style :D
me too, can't wait..hope beside sakura miku there will another module ~
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1475748well, im too scared to ask mom thou. but i desperately wnt them for my birthday TT^TT .. i want to order on mandarake, but we have no experience buying online. well congrats for your new kaito nendo, hes so epic and adorable and blue!(i luuv blue btw ^^)! have you heard? there will be another game with vocaloid nendoroids. its project mirai 2! omg im so excited about that >u<

i'm understand that feeling
he is cost really pricely T-T
about mandarake when my brother ordered from the shop he got charge fee 500 yen if bought less than 10000 yen ;A;
thank you >u< *feel so happy and yes i love him and his box really look nice too*

project mirai 2 if not wrong there will sakura miku module right..?
can't wait it~
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1474962LUCKY!! hes school uniform is just so adorable >u< .. hope your nendoroid kaito cheerful doesnt have defects. my normal nendoroid kaito had a defect on his coat and i was sooo dissaponted. well anyways, congratulations on your new nendo! ^^

Yes he look really adorable with his school outfit :D
I checked it and found nothing defect *gladly*
Yes my dad said he cost a little pricey *dad bought him 4500 yen*
For perfect condition and his rare. No regret XD

cheer for kaito. I'm taking his picture :3

Anyway how about your mahou shoujo nendo...? already order them..?
4 years ago
drop a little message
finally i got nendo kaito cheer from my dad 0v0
i feel so happy my dad bought him from his trip in japan XD
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1427129i just wish that gsc would listen to what the customers have to say.. sigh.

agree it seem far to many fans too
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1424270yea i know. even theyre nendoroid petits of vocaloids from the senbonzakura i will be very happy already! :)) ... omg. d cheerful ver. of kaito is so rare now, well i wish you luck! kaito on a school uniform is so cuuuute >u< .. i really wish they would make a full-sized nendoroids of neru akita, haku yowane, teto kasane and utatane piko thou.

yup, if the nendo come as set, surely will buy it
yes that's why... ;A; *even available the price will be pricey *
kaito with his school uniform *make him look cuter~ *
yup me too * wasn't neru akita already put as wishlist polling? * hope GSC want make her *

anyway speaking about scale figure, it will wonderful if we have kaito from bad end night song right?
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1423857have you tried mandarake? there are second-handed nendoroids there with super cheap prices :)) kaito had been pricey? all i know that he is available everywhere! kaito was just rereleased last year :)) but now im hunting for the madoka magica nendoroids, all of them will be mine soon. muahahaha >:DD ... im not really super dissapointed about his design, it seems that i was just expecting moree . but i do hope they would make a scale figure of him (even thou i dont buy scaled figures) :)) .. maybe a tony taka kaito would be good :))

Yup, sadly i don't have credit card ^^! Even if asking my parents i won't dare and take a risk ^^!
Yes in my place still have kaito nendo too but the standard one, i'm looking the cheer ver
How nice if have chance i want buy madoka magicia too *specially homura* but that next after buy kaito nendo XD

Err maybe me too about kaito append? But his released append already enough too ^^
At least he become better :3
Yup scale figure from tony taka will be a good idea too

Beside i hope max factory or gsc or phat! want make all nendo or scale figure from senbonzakura song :3
4 years ago
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1423078oh my, that would be awesome! *u* .. but im kind of dissapointed on the kaito v3 design :// .. yea and i see you have rin ^^ . still waiting for mine thou :)) anyway, i hope ur collection would grow bigger and bigger :DD

yup, append kaito sound really promising *if gsc want make one, i will hunt him :D
sadly now kaito nendo in my place the price become pricey and far enough for my budget

eehh why...? if talk about his design well yah..i'm really wish his design can be better than that, i mean if compare with miku and kagamine len & rin
their first design and the append ver really different and 100% not same
but i look kaito design mostly same only got new pants and transparent scarf ;A;
I want the different...
beside that i want kaito scale figure too soon :D

eh, i saw you have nendo kagamine rin as well :D
which one do you waiting? the cheer ver?

thank you but i'm a picky person *laugh* i'm not sure it will grow fast
and you too..i hope you can complete all your wishlist as well
4 years ago
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