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Loves Anime, Mecha Musume & Aviation :)
Enjoy my crappy collection and ugly shots..^^

I'm also an F-15 Eagle Fan ^^ It's currently my fave aircraft of all time^^

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01 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
pauldy (1 year ago) #11325750Is Perrine your favorite Witch?
I kinda like her now too ^^

Perrine isn't my favorite; that's Minna :) But Perrine is the one I think is the prettiest of the witches, and she's grown on me since the beginning of the series :)
11 year agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
pauldy (1 year ago) #5957990Hellow Fellow Heidi Fan~
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Hello there! Thanks for the picture; that one is my laptop's background right now :) Always nice to see another Witches fan!
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
pauldy (2 years ago) #2477779Hi^ You still going to do other Mecha Musume Cosplays sometime? ^^

Yes, for sure! I'll never stop with loving Mecha Musume! :D

Only thing is that for a while I'm working on other projects. Currently on these 2: [ext link ] & [ext link ] and I'm not completely sure which costumes I will do afterwards!

I did a photoshoot recently with Elizabeth, so you can expect a lot of new pictures here [ext link ] and here [ext link ] ! :D

Oh, and also, I don't know if you're a follower of my blog here, but in the future I will make a blog post telling a lot about my Elizabeth project! ^^
02 years ago (2 years ago)Zero1Zero1
I saw your cosplay pics today on deviantart

nice pics :-)
02 years ago (2 years ago)Zero1Zero1
pauldy (2 years ago) #2337468Sorry for the very late add ^^; Just knew it through mail I haven't been checking my other mail for months ^^

no problem buddy

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