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Hi, is you Poseidon Myth Cloth for sale?

2 years ago
Hi is your Kobato figure still for sale?
2 years ago
Hi... your inbox is full sadly. I wish to know if your Gosick figure is still for sale. Contact me by pm. Thanks !
2 years ago
Hey there interested in your Eustass Kid POP and can pick him up if you can do 60 shipped! Is he in good condition?
2 years ago
Your inbox is full, if you still have your Madoka figure, I am interested. :)
3 years ago
i saw you were leaving the US. Hope you like where you go man. glad i was able to snag a figure before you left. was going to message you about another one but i see that its too late.
3 years ago
naikousei no Tabi ❤️
Inbox is full!

Too late to grab the Digimon bundle I'm guessing?
3 years ago
I bought two figures from this user. 5/5. Quick responses, figures came as expected.
3 years ago
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4 years ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value