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03 years agoKyoudokuroKyoudokuro
item #185335 Another O_o this looks pretty good, got to
wait for the prototype though.
03 years agopilipokpilipok
jyxx (3 years ago) #1847762hi, thz for the FR! :)
moar friends from sg.. :P
03 years agojyxxjyxx
hi, thz for the FR! :)
03 years ago (3 years ago)KyoudokuroKyoudokuro
pilipok (3 years ago) #1842305wow I saw u ordered Shingeki no Bahamut - Dark Angel Olivia
I personally feel that it is one of the well made figure of 2013.
But the price is a bit steep. lol. Do take lots of pics when it comes

haha yea probably the most expensive 1/8 scaled figure i ever ordered. But judging from those pictures she'll be worth it~ Hmm i don't have a good camera lol, i rather spend on figures haha. Hmm i'll try to borrow from a friend when the time comes ^^;

You are the collector that likes Miki hoshii is it? They are releasing lots of miki figures recently =o
But i dun think those are nice =\
03 years agoSagaOtakuSagaOtaku
pilipok (3 years ago) #1775406i see i see
haha too bad we can't play the online card game in sg.
I played the game during my stay in japan. where u have to level up the cards and battle opponents in a team. there was even this publicity where the whole Akihabara station was plastered with all the characters

I didn't even know it was that kind of game I thought it was like a visual novel/dating-sim thing.
That's how little I know about the origin :P

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