ponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~Yay, airbrush!


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018 days agoImuyaImuya
ponnie (18 days ago) #24232618Airbrushing is awesome~
Still you can get great results with a simple brush if you want first to try out garage kits :3

I'm on my fourth kit haha, really considering it because gradients in airbrush just look so much better than hand paint. I can probably get by with some wet blending using acrylic retarder but I'm so curious of what I might be able to do with an airbrush.
127 days agoImuyaImuya
Darn you and your amazing kits making me start considering an airbrush lmao. This hobby's expensive as it is XD
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
I tried to PM you, but your inbox is full!! :O
09 months agoBubuhBubuh
Account suspension is the penalty for that, I asked! Thank you so much!!ponnie (9 months ago) #16008785Well, they send you a notice of due payment and if you pay, everything's okay. If not - they most likely return the item or throw it away or resell it, have no idea. Also, they say they charge soem sort of penalty. Not sure what it is, you better ask them :3
09 months agoMaakieMaakie
ponnie (9 months ago) #15965713I can't believe I finally got to reply you! these three weeks were probably the worst for me for quite some time. I think I can't remember what I did last week, at all. There was so much going on I guess it's been quite an overload.
I actually solved the trouble of buying paints online. I buy basic colors and then mix them to my own liking. You only need 5 - yellow, blue, red, black and lots of white :3
I always get mixed feeling about pre-mixed hues. Those are not mine...
Most cities in Russia are quite far from each other. They get more rare in the Eastern part, too. Lots of little villages, though. I think it's about 30000 locations total? Maybe some more.
As for kit scale, I think 1/12 is fine. It really pops with all the details you can add and it can be painted very quickly (which is a bonus!)
1/4 is scary indeed. But at such big surface you can add a lot of subtle details and it just stands there looking awesome!
I still prefer shading with pastels because my aim is a bit off with an airbrush. I get better gradually - at least I see where it goes now but still nowhere near enough painting fine lines in corresponding crevices. A very interesting experience, though!
Give it a try, you can paint galaxies on wings in several simple layers, how cool is that!
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i37.servimg.com/u/f37/18/70/79/49/_mg_6433.jpg


No problem at all, sometimes real life just hits you. D: Big chance that for me soon there will also come some big personal changes, which will make me inactive for a while here.

I hope you're doing well now, though!

Oh wow! Considering how slow I am with painting, I could never finish a whole kit with colors I mixed myself, haha. I already have some problems with a mixed haircolor I was working on with the Suigintou I linked to you earlier. >.<

Considering how huge your country is, that doesn't sound like much! The Netherlands has these "blotches" of busy places (mostly one big city surrounded by many villages) and then a lot of long roads with nothing on there to get to the next 'blotch', haha.

I'm really curious how your 1/4 will turn out! :)

Yes, I saw quite some people that use pastels and handpainting next to their airbrush. I also really want to pick up pastels soon! My Suigintou is quite an...uh...mess, lol. And a lot of my materials are outdated/not useable anymore. When I can actively pick up painting GK's again, I want to invest in a lot of new materials!

Not sure if you're interested in it if I send you any pics, but I did make a lot of progress with cosplay again recently! So I'm still busy with creative stuff, unfortunately not much with GK's anymore.

Oh wow, that looks great! :D That's for the small Madoka GK with the horrible tabs, right? :)

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