caesar brainrot
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auds !! she/her
not a collector !! just a dumb jojo fan that rlly wants more caesar figures
occasional gamer but full time idiot
new to navigating this site but pls feel free to FR!



thank you for the friend request !! <3 i absolutely love your page !! it is so well decorated and so pretty !! feel free to shoot me a message anytime !! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ
8 months ago
thanks for the friend request ♡ your page is so cute and i love your lists!! \(^▽^)/
8 months ago
thank you sm !!! but seriously i’m kinda obsessed with how pretty your page is ≧◡≦
8 months ago
ahhh thank you! ;w;
8 months ago
I love how you did your lists! ;0; Thanks for the friend request <3
8 months ago
omg, your profile is SO cute !!! i LOVE the way your lists are laid out!! thanks for the fr !!
8 months ago
Welcome to the board pupku! :)

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