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Happy birthday :D I hope you have a wonderful day ^-^
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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purplelemon (4 years ago) #2353925I knew him from Rave Master too! :D I have never seen Fairy Tail T_T I'm not that much into anime at the moment, because I'm lazy and spending all my money on Tales straps haha!
Ouch! I got Asch for about $80 USD. I think he was $50 on a Japanese site, but then I had to pay a proxy service to bid on him and get him to me :( The others were much, much cheaper. Luckily Barbatos isn't too popular, and the others I managed to preorder with Kotobukiya so I only had to pay the proxy fees and double delivery, luckily.
I just found a set of the four for quite a bit over what they originally went for but I had to use a forwarding service since they don't ship to the US :( Most of the sites I try to buy from are out of stock, so I hope this one still has them in! Even for the extra money it would be worth it to have my set complete again! Not sure what to do with the extras though, since to get my money back I'd have to sell them high! If I get this set, it'll be Julius and Yuri I have extras of, and they seem not as popular as Ludger and Flynn, but I'd rather deal with extras than not having them at all!
I liked Roxas despite myself, I thought maybe he'd be annoying but by the end of his bit in KH2, I really missed him. I love Sora though XD I never got very far into DDD... the gameplay for me messed me up, I didn't like switching all the time :( The story seemed to be recapping too much, and I got bored - which is unusual! Usually KH games have me on the edge of my seat, whether or not I like the gameplay or not! I didn't care for CoM either, but the storyline was so riveting I managed to get through it! I liked Aqua a lot! And Ventus :) I can't wait for KH3 to come out, though I need to buy a PS4 and I dunno when I'll have the money for that.
I am finished Xillia 2! I'm just working on the after game stuff at this point. I unlocked all the endings but one so far, but it's going to take a while. Been leveling up so I can, like mad! I loved Asbel's English voice as well. It's strange because after I played Graces I found out he's now voicing the main characters for Attack on Titan and he also did SAO and Blue Exorcist, all of which I have seen on Adult Swim (local cable channel.) Ludger did take a while to get into since he doesn't talk much, but after sticking with him for so long and watching his story unfold, he really grew on me in a big way XD I also really like Link, in all his reincarnations, despite him being even more silent than Ludger. Somehow, Ludger's personality really comes out despite his lack of speaking though :) I think he and Jude are so cute together!
Unfortunately I've not played any of the other games you mentioned... though I have heard of Persona and Xenoblade. I think I might have a Fire Emblem but haven't gotten around to it yet. It was a freebie on the 3DS for something or other, but I forget which one it was. I'm not so much into the Final Fantasy games anymore. The last one I played was 12, which I really liked, but I've been focusing more on KH, Tales, Zelda games when they bother to release them, and the Tri-Ace games. I just discovered Tri-Ace a few years back, and started with Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery. I also played Star Ocean 1 and 2, and Resonance of Fate, which I really loved. The Star Ocean games play like early Tales games (and Motoi Sakuraba scores many of them) only set more in space and less in fantasy. THey also did the Valkyrie Chronicles or something but though I have a game or two I coudln't get into them at the time and haven't tried in a while. They aren't easy to get into like Tales or KH!
Oh, and The Last Story!! I loved that game!!! It had such an amazing feel to it!
Besides my RPGs, I like a lot of "girly" type of genres, like Animal Crossing and the new Tomodachi Life. I also love Minecraft, and have been playing both that and Skyrim off and on for the last two years (I beat it and have been picking through my second play through!) I picked up Oblivion, but it's hard going backward in a series.
You're right, though, there are a ton of good games out there! Too many to ever play in a lifetime, I think XD

Hello-oo :D
I'm so sorry this took me so long >.< With work I'm a little bit struggling to answer to long messages in a timely manner, but I will definitely always come back if you give me some time lol.

It is now official, you're my new favorite person. You like Rave Master! This is so amazing I don't even know where to begin. Have you read the manga? Who is your favorite character? Actually I've just noticed you simply said you knew RM but didn't mention it if you liked it. Maybe I've got all excited for nothing ah ah. Just so you know it's my favorite manga ever, and yet I've read tons of them. I wouldn't say it's the best out there, but the story and characters really made it for me.
To think he is worth even more now! I'm not interested in Barbatos since I collect only the playable characters, and I'm not interested in the variant of a same character, like for instance I don't want the 2 Asbel, Luke, Yuri, Raven... For ToX characters, I'm sticking to their original outfit from the first game. I'm so picky with my collection lol I think you wouldn't have any trouble at all selling the extra Yuri, and Julius probably simply needs some time to become more popular in the West, now that ToX2 has been released. Did you get the set in the end?

His interactions with the Twilight gang really made it for me. I really hope he will get to meet Hayner, Pence & Olette for real this time. Sora is really cute in KH2! But he tends to annoy me in every other game, I don't like the combo dumb+baby face ah ah. What do you think about Donald and Goofy? Oh yeah, I forgot about the switching thing -_- OMG was it annoying as hell. I don't know who came up with this idea but obviously he was having a bad idea and wanted to unleash his frustration towards players. COM is so difficult! The battles are so hard :( I hope I will be able to finish it someday. I can't wait for KH3, but I can't wait for KH2.5 either! Did you see that? ENCYCLOPEDIA #71985 Aqua & Ventus getting something is a very rare event so you should jump on it!

Wow, so quick! I've only finished Chapter 7. I wish I could prevent myself from losing time revisiting all areas from the first game for practically nothing, but I just can't. Therefore I'm not progressing on the main story -_- Worst thing is that I hated most of these dungeons in ToX. Adult Swimm? That sounds like a perverted channel ah ah. I never watched dubbed animes so I don't really know non-Japanese VA except if they are in games. Is Ludger really talking in New Game +? Like speaking in every cutscene and skit? Yeah I like Link as well, but I think him being silent is way more "natural" than Ludger since Link is usually travelling alone, so he isn't all the time involved in conversations, like Ludger is.

Do you mean the 3DS Ambassador Program, that you got to join if you bought the 3DS when it was initially released, before the price drop? If that so, I was a member as well, and that's precisely how I get to know Fire Emblem! It was The Sacred Stones and it's still my favourite to this day :) What did you think of Skyward Sword? My interest in Zelda started decreasing after Twilight Princess but I'm still liking it. I'm really tempted by Hyrule Warriors, sounds like a lot of fun! Resonance of Fate and Star Ocean definitely are on my gaming list. I have "Star Ocean: Till The End of Time", is it good? I own the Last Story, but never had time to play it and now the next generation of console is already there :(

I'm a little bit ashamed to be so narrow-minded, but I actually don't play anything besides J-RPG or obvious Japanese games like Mario or Zelda lol.
You're definitely right about that :( I wish all video games could just stop being released until I finished playing all the games I already have.

Are you changing your avatar everyday? lol
4 years ago
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purplelemon (4 years ago) #2352232Thank you! :) Your collection is impressive too :O Ahh you have a Plue doll! *_*
Sadly my strap collection is incomplete thanks to missing the last set of four that came out. I'm missing Ludger and Flynn T_T I got Yuri and should be getting Julius soon though :) Hopefully I can get my hands on the others soon!
I think KH2 or Birth By Sleep are my favs for KH (couldn't get into Dream Drop Distance at all...) and Xillia 2 has usurped Graces f as my fav Tales. I absolutely love Ludger!! Really didn't think they could make a character better than Asbel!
What's your fav games/charas?? :D

You're very welcome, and thank you :D You noticed him! He is actually one of my favorite item lol. Although I knew him from Rave rather than Fairy Tail. What about you?
If we put both our collections together then we have all of them lol I'm so sad I'm never gonna own Asch... He is going for 10 000yens now, how crazy is this >.<

I think the exact same thing! I probably like KH2 a little bit more since Roxas is in it, but playing BbS was incredibly fun. I know your feel, I liked DDD because the gameplay was really good and addictive, but the storyline was a huge mess. It was supposed to answer to a lot of questions but all it did was raising even more of them. Have you finished playing ToX2? I'm at Chapter 7 right now, just after the first against View spoilerHide spoiler"dark" Muzèt. We have very similar taste! Asbel is my favorite main character as well. I think Ludger is a very good character too, but his grunts prevents him from becoming my favorite lol. I love Asbel's English voice! I never know what to answer when someone asks me about my favorite Tales of lol. I love Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia & Graces all the same, even though I suppose my favorite would be Symphonia, since it's the one which got me into the serie and I have so many good memories with it.

Aside from Tales of and KH, I am a huge fan of the Persona serie. I also like the Fire Emblem, Dangan Ronpa & Zero Escape series a lot. And Xenoblade Chronicles too! So many good games out there!
4 years ago
Take Virile Insatiable Beast
Your avatar is so lovely! But not as much as your collection though. I can't believe you own all of the Tales of Friends rubber straps, including the exclusive ones. I'm impressed!
Your tastes in video games are simply exquisite. What is your favorite KH game? And Tales of?
4 years ago
purplelemon (4 years ago) #2337801My room is so tiny! I need a whole room just to display. I have a ton of Kingdom Hearts stuff I've put away because the Tales stuff is much cuter/better looking XD
My straps aren't in any kind of formal case or anything. I thought about getting a shadow box type frame, but it's really expensive and they keep coming out with more, so it'd be a waste. As it is though, they're hanging on the edges of my shelves collecting dust... I'm too lazy to dust them frequently, there's just so many x_x

Mine too ;_; I wanna move out so bad but I can't afford it. Yet XD Many of my straps have been moved to the bookcase because there just isn't room in the cabinet/I don't quite like them hanging over my figures like cute little swords of Damocles.
4 years ago
purplelemon (4 years ago) #2336780Yeh, I only have room to display my straps and my little tiny figures. I got a small wooden and glass curio cabinet, but it's very tiny and already jam packed. I have my Tales Props Plus Petites and Nendos in there, and two random mini Links, a Domo, and some Littlest Pet Shop lamb toy someone gave me from McDonald's (I have no idea why LOL) and that's about it.
Jude's up on a shelf by his lonesome and I have a Figma Link on top of the curio cabinet.

Yeaaaah, I have a bunch of My Little Ponies on top of my cabinet and on my bookcase. Sigh. There is not enough room for two collecting hobbies u_u
4 years ago
purplelemon (4 years ago) #2336755Yeh! I hope that seller can find the other straps, even if I do end up paying out the nose :P My poor incomplete collection lol I wish the Alter statues weren't so expensive, period.. I'd like to get Luke and Yuri and Milla.

*Weeps* I already have three figures still in their boxes because I just plain don't have room for them any more but I need more....
4 years ago
purplelemon (4 years ago) #2336735OUCH!! That's rough! Oh, the things we do to feed our collection needs! My straps cost an arm and a leg to get individually, roughly $15-20 each, not including shipping, and then all the sets I hadn't gotten the first time around cause I came into it late were re-released. Go fig!!! Luckily two of the pre-order exclusives I managed to get "cheap" with the proxy service, but the two I missed out on cost me quite a pretty penny with the proxy and the fact they were rare. Go fig one of them had to be Asch. I think I spent $50 on him for the auction and then another $30 in fees and shipping. Luckily Barbatos was the other one and he was relatively cheap because nobody wants him hahaha. I think I would have been in trouble were it Gaius or Ratatosk.

Ugh u_u Gotta pray to them re-release gods.
4 years ago
purplelemon (4 years ago) #2336520I'm TERRIBLE at that "game" LOL I always buy high and sell (if I sell) lowlowlow. :\
Or buy at the highest trend, and then see prices half or less than what I paid, later :P So I figure it's best just to get them when they come out!
Can't wait to get home and situated from work, so I can play more Xillia 2! I had to stop right in the middle of fake Milla's chapter to go to bed.

Yeah....A figure I pre-ordered that cost me around 9000yen after shipping went on sale at AmazonJP after release at 4000yen...with fricken flat-rate shipping u_u She's gorgeous and I don't regret it but geez...
4 years ago
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