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hey there my name is Wynne, i'm 19 and i love figures!!!
some of the figures i say i own are ones ive been looking out for
and gotten for my bf!! i'd love to be friends and chat about everything figures!!! <33
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Red Queen Series
Pokemon; Stardew Valley
almost anything (mostly lo-fi)
my iPhone :p



Ah, yes. I've heard some of Koto's bishoujo figures are super hard to find. I hope you can find the ones that you want one day! :D

Miku's certainly great and I'm pretty intrigued by Sonico's character design (I've never finished watching the anime though oops). I honestly don't have a lot of female characters I love because I find them either annoying or boring which is kind of sad of you think about it lol.

I do have some waifus that I would die for though: Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, and Temari and Konan from Naruto! I love them all so much :'D Especially Luka! She's definitely one of my favourites ^^ I can't wait to see pictures of your Racing Miku!!

I've been going a bit overboard with my orders lately ^^; I ended up ordering a buuunch of figures that I've been wanting for a while. I also PO'd a couple of waifus (Temari and Miku))!! I'm also awaiting my husbandos <333 Super excited! :D
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Oh that's really cool! Although I haven't watched Konosuba yet (I'm planning to), I love the look of that Aqua! She looks so lively and happy and I love the base! Megumin looks really adorable too!

I totally feel you. I see a lot of people who go overboard with their collecting, but I want to be organized and only collect characters that I really, really love so I can have a nice display, a personal connection to my collection, and save money XD I'd never buy a character that I don't know or like.

That Sonico was cute! I personally wouldn't get her because I'm not a huge Sonico fan (I'm more for Miku haha).

I can't believe Tsuyu looked that much better than Ochaco :/ It's a shame really. She deserved a much better pose and expression than what she got.

I can't wait to see your pictures! :D
1 month ago
That's so cool how you got your bf into collecting!

I know how you feel about Racing Miku 2014. I used to loooove that one, but I ended up liking the 2015 version more as I really love her pose and outfit and flag. Also, I heard that 2014 has a problem with the engines on her waist and that they keep falling off even when you don't mess with them. Definitely wouldn't want that to happen to me haha. It's great that you found a deal on her as her aftermarket price is crazy.

Ahhhh Tsuyu! I like her too! She's really cute c: I really hope that Bell Fine does her well. The pose that they picked really fits well and I like the comic book style base. Def tell me your thoughts on her when you recieve her! ^^
1 month ago
Yay! It's nice to meet you! ^^

I see you have Racing Miku 2018 on PO. I wanted to get her too, but I feel like I've been ordering a lot lately haha. I may use the TOM sale to get her. She's probably my favourite Racing Miku yet!

I also saw that you have Tsuyu on order as well. I'm so pleased with how she looks! Hopefully Bell Fine does well on her!!
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Hello! Just sent you a friend request because your collection/profile is so aesthetic??? and i'm in loveeee with the style you have going on!
Don't mind me, hope this wasn't too weird haha.(๑• . •๑)
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Bought a figure from this user. Friendly & prompt communication, item arrived as described.

Thank you!
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