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I'm Alex and I am 30. I've been collecting different things all my life, and eventually it led me to figure collecting! I stayed away for so long, but then there were Haikyuu Nendoroids and I had to give in. Aside from figures I collect dolls, manga, eos lip balm and Bath & Body Works FFMs.

If you want to be friends just send a request! I don't mind. :)

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happy birthday <33
5 months ago
yes, i had 198 pullips, my collection have dropped dramatically to about 40, just focusing on the ones i really like :) thanks and good luck to you too! <3
1 year ago
I’m actually downsizing my collection, haven’t updated what i have or want, but thanks for let me know! :)
1 year ago
Thank you! i haven’t seen messages here for awhile...
1 year ago
happy birthday lovely!!
1 year ago
thank you so much for the birthday wishes <33
1 year ago
don’t know why my reply haven’t been sent correctly, so 3 dolls arrived, some are stuck at customs, but need to need so long...
2 years ago
haha yes i’m!
2 years ago
Thank you so much!☺️
Your collection is truly wonderful!
2 years ago
Happy birthday!!
2 years ago