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Hi everyone!

Feel free to chat it up with me. :D I'm comfortable having conversations in any subject matter. Of course, being on MFC, I like collecting figures. And just like with almost everyone here, I love anime and playing video games.
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My favorite anime of all time is Hunter x Hunter followed by One Piece. But Cardcaptor Sakura will always hold a dear place in my heart. The CCS dubbed version aired on television when I was 10-11 years old. It is the anime that got me into anime although I didn't know what anime was at the time. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! dub came along when I was 12-14. I love this show and became completely hooked on the Trading Card Game. I was introduced to the world of anime by my friends in High School.

I bought my very first figure on eBay ITEM #1151 in 2006 during my freshman year of college. I was watching Bakurestu Tenshi at the time and Sei's character design completely attracted me. I still didn't know about figure collecting. Then in 2007, I bought ITEM #583 Very eye catching figure. I'm not shy to say I love the female body. Inoue Takuya is one of my favorite artists so I just had to have this figure. This paved the way to my interest into figure collecting and starting buying figures on Amazon. I lost interest in anime during my years in college because schoolwork and internships were keeping me busy. Also, I got my souled sucked into the World of Warcraft. My roommates in college got me in WoW because they wanted more bonding time. Played it for 3 years.

I didn't start becoming an avid figure collector until I graduated college and got a full time career at the end of 2011. Which then I started to pick up anime again because I had much more free time at night. I joined MFC in Q2 of 2012. That's when I discovered stores like Amiami and Mandarake. But then got myself banned on Mandarake because I made too many cancellations. Don't go wild spending in your first years of collecting!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my boring life story!

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Thanks again for the Kallen figures! Great seller y'all, shipped fast, figures were as described, and packaging skills blow AmiAmi out of the water!
17 days ago
:) Thank you!
2 months ago
Hello!!! I hope you are doing well! :)
3 months ago
Hey thx friend!
6 months ago
Bit late, but...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had some nice cake!

7 months ago
7 months ago
Thanks for accepting :3
10 months ago
Thank you so much!!!!!
1 year ago
Thank you!
Yeah, sadly, I guess. XD

But I'm doing okay for now, despite the prices foir everything skyrocketing. I had to quit collecting years ago 'cause the figures are too expensive now. I rarely buy something, mostly if it is NieR-related. I'm into my Steam/PS4 mostly, and I've been doing some silly lives on Twitch here and there with an avatar.
1 year ago
Ah i see. It’s a different experience when one of the first anime that you watch is Code Geass. You had a good start definitely!

Yes you could say that Saber Alter is my main girl. Actually it’s the original Saber to be exact. But somehow the Alter version of her attract me more. Due to her dark side. Idk but i have a thing for dark side of a character? Not sure if you understand that or have that thing? Haha

Oh i see. May i know why you lost interest during those years? Ah yeah at that time, Prinz Eugen price is way too ridiculous to even consider it. Same goes to me. But i somehow managed to get it from local shop that bulk order her.

So I guess now you revenge by buying a lot of AL figures huh regardless of price? Haha
1 year ago


Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Hajime no Ippo, CCS, Gurren Lagann
FFXIV - Persona - Fire Emblem - Overwatch
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