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Hi everyone!

Feel free to chat it up with me. :D I'm comfortable having conversations in any subject matter. Of course, being on MFC, I like collecting figures. And just like with almost everyone here, I love anime and playing video games.
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My favorite anime of all time is Cardcaptor Sakura. The dubbed version aired on television when I was 10-11 years old. It is the anime that got me into anime although I didn't know what anime was at the time. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! dub came along when I was 12-14. I love this show and became completely hooked on the Trading Card Game. I was introduced to the world of anime by my friends in High School.

I bought my very first figure on eBay item #1151 in 2006 during my freshman year of college. I was watching Bakurestu Tenshi at the time and Sei's character design completely attracted me. I still didn't know about figure collecting. Then in 2007, I bought item #583 Very eye catching figure. I'm not shy to say I love the female body. Inoue Takuya is one of my favorite artists so I just had to have this figure. This paved the way to my interest into figure collecting and starting buying figures on Amazon. I lost interest in anime during my years in college because schoolwork and internships were keeping me busy. Also, I got my souled sucked into the World of Warcraft. My roommates in college got me in WoW because they wanted more bonding time. Played it for 3 years.

I didn't start becoming an avid figure collector until I graduated college and got a full time career at the end of 2011. Which then I started to pick up anime again because I had much more free time at night. I joined MFC in Q2 of 2012. That's when I discovered stores like Amiami and Mandarake.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my boring life story!

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15 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
redxmaverick (11 days ago) #25853226
[ext link ]
wooaah that yoko wallpaper is so cool, you did the vectors?? :O it must've taken a long time
115 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
redxmaverick (17 days ago) #25551211Looks like 86thunder is a big Madoka fan! Looking at all those effects and textured artwork reminds me of forum signatures. I used to play around with photoshop alot and make forum signatures back in high school. Unfortunately I can't find any of my work online anymore. The forum I frequently visited back then shutdown now. I think I have an old external harddrive somewhere in my closet with old PSD files. Here are some examples of what forum signatures are. [ext link ] I would call this between intermediate and advanced level. You first begin with a stock photo of a character or subject of focus then let your imagination run wild with the effects. I learned about composition, color, lighting, depth perception, blending, layering, typography, pretty much using all of photoshop's resources. My signatures ended up being rated as intermediate.
That IS interesting. I wonder what's their reasoning behind using a thicker brush for their rough draft. Maybe it makes it feel unofficial so they won't mind making lots of mistakes. If I started with 1px, I feel like I would have to go at it super seriously without making mistakes. lol
That was my assumption as well that the lace panties were 3D printed. The mesh/net lines are sooooo tiny.
wow, that's so cool that you used to do that!! it seems really difficult because photoshop isn't very user friendly imo (or maybe i am just technologically challenged lmao) if you ever find yours, i wanna seee!!!!!
i bet so many more figures in the future are gonna be made by 3d sculpting and printing, i guess a good portion of figures are made that way now already ^^; there was this really interesting clip at the end of one of the episodes of the super sonico anime, i tried to find the video on youtube but i think it's copyrighted.. if you wanna watch it it starts at around 20:00 [ext link ] it's only a few seconds long but it's so cute and shows a few glimpses of the process
119 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
redxmaverick (22 days ago) #25354527I will buy one from each link to see their quality. If it's good, I'll buy more. If not, we can make molds out of them!
Thank you for sharing!! It's superrrr interesting. The mangaka probably finds it therapeutic drawing all that detail in the background because it seems he really enjoys it. When he was drawing the girl's hair, I never thought about using different pen or pencil thicknesses to achieve different levels of detail in the hair. It's always the simple things that can bring out amazing work. We just have to think about how to execute them. I laughed when they talked about what kind of girls they draw and how they avoid drawing girls they like. It's so true the readers could decipher the mangaka's fetishes. lol. It's also so true what they said about shonen mangakas that they are less reserved about the type of girls they draw. Look at examples like Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. Many pretty girls and many of them have large breasts. lol
I better start taking pictures everywhere I go and catalog them to use as references in the future. Maybe you've heard of the artist Huke who created the character Black Rock Shooter. He will take pictures of different types of textures where ever he goes like a beat up concrete floor. He will then use that picture as a pattern in his artwork. Take a peak at his deviantart page! [ext link ]
Oh! If you ever find nice hyper time lapsed videos of drawings, please send them my way~ :3
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
You can see how they first draw rough drafts, lower opacity then trace over for lineart and add detail.
This would be so cool to add to Revy's panties! I wonder how it's done. [ext link ]
Ok, sounds good!! :D

and yeah, having quality tools, like inking pens in multiple sizes really helps.
hahaha sooo true, it seems like a lot of shounen artists don't shy away from drawing sexy girls lol

WOW omg, Huke's art is so nice, i have always wondered how artists got that kind of layered/textured effect!!! it's seriously one of my fav things ever! ;u; i've noticed some other artists i really admire doing something similar [ext link ] i love this artist SO MUCH

omg, those time-lapsed drawings are awesome :D that second one really amazed me, i was wondering how it would look in the end since it started out with a lot of rough lines. i like the way they added so much texture with the lines and it really looked nice after they added the solid color shading at the end...
also it is really interesting to see that both those artists used a thicker brush tool for the beginning rough sketch (i always just use the pencil tool at like 1px with 100% opacity for rough sketching so i'm definitely gonna try it their way next time lol)

i saw that post on twitter too!!! the lace panties hahaha, they look so unique and detailed, i want to be able to do that ;__; they look 3d printed but i'm not sure...
020 days agoMaakieMaakie
redxmaverick (23 days ago) #25353281Thank you!

You're welcome! I hope you had a nice birthday with tons of gifts~ And good cake of course! :D
123 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
redxmaverick (25 days ago) #25271165omgggg this guy is amazing. Making the mold takes so much time. Most of the work goes into making the mold.
Nice find! That etsy mold is perfect. That pretty much eliminates 75% of the work. All that's needed would be the craft resin and different colored dyed.
Wow! It's super cheap on ebay. This may be the best way to go. Saves us lots of time so we can concentrate on the making the bar instead. :D
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
oh wow, yeah those ebay ones are cheap!! We should probably just get them there :D and if they look cheap, you could always switch them out over time for nicer-looking ones...

[ext link ] this is a video about making manga, you might find it interesting!! i like his process of taking pictures from the real world and adding extra lines to it by hand to make it look more hand-drawn

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