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☆ W E L C O M E ! ~ ☆

Would you like to listen to a short story?

I just got into figure collecting in summer 2016


Honestly, I thought it was a waste of money


But that's just another lie. NISHISHI ~


Now I'm out of moneyyyyyyyyyyyy. They stole it from meeeee!!!



Special mention to Kiz-xo for loving Kaitou Kid and yaoi with me and just being amazing in general! And her bff Kiki for being sweet and wonderful!! (And loving Danganronpa) :')

Thanks for dropping by! :D

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Initial D, Code Geass
Danganronpa Series
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All the Kokichi sprites!!! Sooo moe!!!!! Hehe hi twin!!
6 days ago
8 days ago
Hey hey ^^ How are you doing? :D How did your graduation turn out? Everything going good, I hope ^__^ Yes my Japan trip was super cool <3 I snatched so much merch XD And even some grails! :D We just had the best time... so much good food, awesome weaather and wonderful experiences! I'm missing it so much already, I would love to go back as soon as possible >w<

My room is still a mess unfortunately X'D My boyfriend and I are currently hunting for our first apartment together <3 So I'm probably postponing a room tour until we have our own place ^^; Since my bf is into Anime as well, we're gonna have one epic otaku apartment for sure XD

Yeah, that Conan Cafe... can't believe I missed it so closely T_T But there was so much DC merch nonetheless! I managed to buy many of the Detective Conan Omanjuus ENTRY #158200 rather cheaply. They're so adorable! :D But Amuro merch is SO expensive! He's so damn popular with the japanese girls ^^

Alter's SorMik are due this month, but no news yet, so I'm kinda expecting a delay ._. Hopefully not too long though, I want my boys to come home soon ;_; Do you have some exciting things coming in soon? :D

Lots and lots of greetings! And apologies that I took so long responding >_> Have a lovely day <3
2 months ago
Yes! Please get into Touken Ranbu so we can both go broke on the merch XD

Honestly, I’ve never played the game before ^^; I’ve attempted to download it (multiple times if I may add) and never got it down correctly. It’s a really complicated process to download and everything and then there’s the whole language barrier T_T Because of that, I just ended up watching the anime. I’d start with Hamamaru. It’s a tad confusing at first, but it’s so cute and light hearted that you’ll end up loving it!

The storyline is kind of odd, and you may not like it because the plot is almost non existent loool but the characters are so lovable and i just love. them. all.

If you do end up watching/finishing it lmk what you think!
2 months ago
Hey Rozelle!
I'm sorry for the stupidly late reply. I've been really busy with a freelance job. Oh Wonfes!!! Well the fact that Shinya Kogami is finally getting a nendoroid is totally awesome! What about you????
2 months ago
nothing too special at wonfest other than some touken ranbu scales i've been looking at. yamanbagiri FINALLY has a prototype! as happy as i am about that, i'm kind of disappointed about the super static pose buuuut that kind of the norm for touken ranbu figures unfortunately :/

agreed. alois would be SO perfect as either a nendo or a scale. i can just imagine the faceplates he comes with: all across the moodboard just like his personality haha. just imagine: a smirk for default,a laughing face, an insane/deranged expression, a crying face and a scared face! there's so many options and he isn't made yet :/ he has so much potential as a nendo! there's so many faces to work with X3

i can even imagine a scale for him. it doesn't even have to be unnecessarily detailed or anything, i'll take anything alois!

i totally get you with the silver haired anime boys! they're really adorable ^^ i'm just salty about near because of what he did to light and i just prefer mello over him lol. other times i'm like ''aw near looks like such a bean'' because he looks like a baby in the manga panels AW.
3 months ago
Ooh Karma is awesome! I really like Nagisa too. I've been wishing for a scale of him and Nagisa forever (I ship it ahhh).

Alois was one of my favourite characters for ages (and he still is!) He's so adorable and he gets too much hate :( We must petition him a scale!! XD

As for death note, Light is my fave <3 I am the biggest wammy boys trashcan ever though. I can't get enough of L, Mello and Matt *^*

Has anything from wonfest caught your eye? :D
3 months ago
Thank you!

Yes, I’m suuuper excited for his nendo! I’m thinking of PO’ing him with naruto sometime soon >< I’m also wanting his Ryu studio version, but that price T-T

Those are some of the anime I enjoyed the most haha. Who’s your favourite character from each? :0

Hope you have a great day as well! Cheers^^
3 months ago
Rozelle!!!!! How are you doing? I've missed chatting with you :3
6 months ago
Oh hey!! Ah no need to apologize really!! ^__^ Yes, I'm a lot better now, thank you <3 But my throat ache litterally went on for weeks and weeks, it was awefull >_> Damn, a strike this short before graduating!? o.o Glad you're lookin at it from the bright side though :D How is everything going so far? ^^

Jup all my doujins are in japanese ^^ I'm still studying japanese on my own and they frankly even help me practise since the language in Manga tends to be easy and the sentences are short :D (even though the vocabulary isn't neccessarily the most 'professional' - especially in those lewd doujins X'D) I've been buying most of them from Mandarake (absolutely recommended since they offer them in mostly excellent condition for very cheap prices :D) Surugay-ya too has a rather large selection for very good prices but I have yet to try a proxy that ships 18+ stuff ^^; I'd totally encourage you to learn Japanese (as soon as you have some free time on your hands maybe ^_^)! It makes this hobby of ours even more fun and interesting. I'm following a lot of japanese Twitter accounts and it's so cool to get the latest news from your fandoms first hand :D

Aww thank you <3 I may wait until I come back from my Japan trip in June to do a room tour cuz I'm sure I'll bring a ridiculous amount of things home XD I'm so sad though that the upcoming Conan Café will be gone already at the beginning of May T__T Gotta go there one day (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و Are you excited for the upcoming new movie in April??

Yes I totally surrendered to buying them ^^;;; At the end of the day I was like "are you crazy for missing out on the most adorable Nendoroids from one of your absolute favourite shows!?" XD I went onto BiJ and they still had Conan, Heiji and Amuro for PO, I ordered them and they went out of stock, so I must've grabbed the last pre-order slots :O I ordered Akai from NY and I absolutely can't wait for all of them! :D Conan is still on his way since I cheaped out on shipping but I'm counting the days, he looks SO CUTE (●♡∀♡)

Oh gosh, yes SorMik <3 There was no way I wasn't going to get them (♡ >ω< ♡) I was so afraid they would sell out fast or required upfront payment or something - I've never been that stressed out about figures lol X'D I'm sure they're gonna take ages though to be released and will have a trillion of delays but I'm just happy to know they're coming :D
8 months ago
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