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Selling my figures. Everything negotiable. Please message me.
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Selling my figures LIST #110659. Negotiable. Please send an offer with location :)
I buy figures, enjoy them, then sell most of them.
Interested in proportional & accurately scaled figures, characters, and good stories. Attaining a core collection is elusive.

Wishful thinking, but I would love to see a Portrait of Pirates or Figuarts Zero scale for:
- Nekomamushi
- Charlotte Amande
- Kawamatsu
- Komurasaki
- Kyoshiro
- O-Robi





Sent you some messages :)
1 month ago
The Wano SHC is good, but i think my franky have an issue there are some paint chips at the back but I ask a friend of mine and his franky also have nasty paint issues at his back good thing its not noticable when displayed.

YEAH!! can they stop making SHC and make other characters i think FZ need to make more characters from this wano arc but we know that FZ starts making characters that they dont finish like GERMA 66 (Reiju only), Marine ford arc (no sengoku and garp), Worst Generation (apoo , urouge and biege is resin) and many more, just hoping they make the whole kozuki clan but I know thats not going to happen =D
5 months ago
Hi there!!

I'm praying and hoping that BANDAI will make a better product for the upcoming FAZ Kaido,
the past releases of Figuarts Zero are somewhat a roller coaster ride some are good some are bad, well I really miss the old FZ line where it's almost perfect and I have no complain.

Well bandai should really take good care of the FZ Kaido since they are premium brand and this kaido is their biggest and most expensive in their One Piece Figuarts Zero line
5 months ago
Everything went perfect, as always.

Figure in great condition and good feedback.
6 months ago
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Thank you so much! ^^
7 months ago
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7 months ago
Honest and trustworthy buyer / user. Absolutely no issues during the whole sales process, immediate payment, constant communication and very polite person overall!
A truely pleasant experience :D Definite reccomendation!
7 months ago
Thanks for the Kakashi and his dogs figure. Recommended seller.
7 months ago
Thank you so much! That means a lot. Indeed I'm going to post a big update soon of both the collection and the setup, when I'll receive a new cabinet, I hope in a few weeks but it's a loooong wait!
Do you have plans on your side?
8 months ago
Hi new friend !
8 months ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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