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hello there! you can call me mami!
i'm a new collector and my collection is very
small right now. i hope it grows into a nice one!
i'm mainly interested in collecting female figures.
they appeal the most to me because they're so cute!!
i like to watch anime, play video games, and draw!
uhm, i'm a very shy, but friendly girl, if you wanna
talk to me, please go ahead! uhm, so that's all!
thanks for reading this!

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dimxxz ♥初音ミク
shikinami7 years ago#2118062hi! thanks for the friend request! i can see you really like Miku! she's really great and i love her too. ^u^
Thanks for accepting my FR! I can't live without Miku!! :3
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
I adore her, she looks amazing and that BASE. I do admit I'm crying over the $105 I'm going to be spending on her though xD
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
I'm torn between the crown ver. and the normal xD I love the crown on Junko xD A Junko nendoroid would be the cutest thing ever! Kirigiri nendo with a noodle cup on her head ;o; We need more DR nendoroids!
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
My friend got her for me :) A nendroid of her would be adorable but i don't think they will continue the line ): Unless maybe DR2 airs and is popular maybe. I debated getting her too but I really like the pink hair and hers is tinted more brown in that figure ): I really like the prize figures though :D So maybe eventually I'll get those. But some nice company's have picked up DR figures and those are amazing so hopefully they will do a Junko too :)
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
Both are amazing figures! I really like Junko's figure but I'm hoping for a better one to come out soon D:
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
ITEM #144429 was my first figure :) Though long ago I had a bootleg of ITEM #925. That was given to my friend a few years ago :D What about you?
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
Hehe that's a great story 8D I've always liked them since I found them in a local store but they were always to pricey plus I had no money then I discovered amiami and got some money and haven't looked back 8D
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
:D Have a great time! So what started getting you into figures? 8D
7 years ago
shikinami7 years ago#2059334thanks for the friend request~ c:

Thank you for accepting~! :D Nice to meet you ^.^
7 years ago
Aciqui Lurking
hehe :D You're fairly new here aren't you? o: I hope you'll enjoy it! I'm pretty new too but this site is really welcoming and lovely :D
7 years ago
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