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This lil guy is Tuzki by Momo Wang. Luve him

Status says it all: My biggest dream is to become the Hokage a renowned music artist and producer, but I've also been distracted with having so many hobbies heh heh..

I have watched a handful of animes but not near otaku level numbers yet. I love cosplaying and Nendoroids (must...resist..Figmas..). Making custom Mystic Messenger Nendoroids.

I have many consoles but mostly game on my PS4, Switch, & 3DS. Glad to give out my friend codes/user, especially if you play Splatoon2 often. Even if you don't play games I enjoy making friends or chatting so feel free to talk~

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Many but mainly: MysMes, Splatoon2, Pokémon, Smash Bros, Metroid, LOZ, Just Dance, COD, Mario Kart



No prob! (●´ω`●)
2 months ago
Hi~! Your inbox is full, please clear it so I can send you the invoice for shipping Mad Hatter Nendo Doll’s shoes! :3

Thanks (*'▽'*)
2 months ago
I've met Lilypichu, sleightlymusical and Freddie Wong so far (Dunno if you know any of these people)! I was totally starstruck!

I'm struggling with Manual mode on my camera too. It's just not intuitive for me yet. I think I'm getting the hang of adjusting aperture and ISO though! I took it with me for a vacation to LA and fiddled with it a lot. Definitely still need a lot of work on positioning and lighting... But it's fun!

If I could, I'd make DDR my workout haha.

I think Miles was the biggest for me, since I already knew Tsuyu and All Might were getting nendos. I was hoping for a unpainted preview for those two since they got Ochako out so quickly, but I guess they're taking longer. I'm really glad they made the Lolita nendoroid more series available, too.

So many new nendoroids keep getting announced! I need them to start the L PO so I can just stop paying attention to it or I'm going to destroy my finances ahhhh
4 months ago
I hope we get more of the Spiderverse cast eventually but for now I'm thrilled we're getting two versions of Miles!!

For now I think I'm going to hold off on getting the Medicom figures since I'd rather get the nendos. Yeah, since GSC fortunately got the BNHA license back they've been working on them at a pretty nice pace! Too bad they only revealed the art for Tsuyu and All Might, but there were so many nendos that either got prototypes or new announcements that I'm okay with waiting a bit haha
Samus getting a re-release is awesome, but I already have the Other M version even though I didn't particularly like that game so I might hold off on preordering her as well. Still nice to see that Metroid is getting at least a little figure attention, though! I'm still holding out hope that she'll have a nendo one day as well

I wasn't expecting Yusuke Urameshi, Natsume, or Bayonetta to get announced but I'm excited to see them! And Amaterasu and Dante got prototypes, Ammy looks cute with her chubby cheeks ITEM #806027 There were a bunch of Jojo announcements as well, even though I was hoping for Narancia it was nice to see they're continuing that line :D Did anything else catch your eye?

Tbh I kinda expect them to make all of Class 1A and more villains at some point since they seem to be selling well enough. If they make Mineta before Shinsou and Kiri I'm rioting I wouldn't mind a fixed nendo of some characters who are less popular if they'd be skipped otherwise, but I'm still a little sad they made Armstrong from FMA a fixed nendo and event exclusive, instead of just a regular Co-de release :<
4 months ago
I like going to the bigger cons because I usually get to see some really high quality cosplay. There's also a good chance I'll bump into a youtuber or two I watch!

I'm still pretty new to propmaking and photography tbh. A lot of learning to do with all the materials and lighting and all that but its fun! Especially when I have a friend that's also there for the ride.

I love Just Dance! I've always been a big fan of DDR and other rhythm games, and Just Dance is that plus actual dance moves, which I definitely need coaching on lol. I'm terrible at dancing.

A new splatoon figure and Spiderverse nendo was announced at WonFes!! :DDD
4 months ago
I'm more interested in seeing if Koto announces more Spiderverse figures or if there's some nendos before biting the bullet and ordering the Medicom ones, but their head sculpts are perfect~
I'm looking forward to seeing All Might and Tsuyu's prototypes as well! I'm kinda surprised they haven't announced Kirishima yet. I guess they'd be making either Denki or Iida before Shinsou as long as they don't make Mineta idc who's next haha

Tbh I'm mostly looking forward to seeing some prototypes for stuff that's been announced for awhile, and painted photos of ITEM #740309 or ITEM #739690. Shikamaru's nendo was a nice surprise- hopefully he's ready for order soon since there's already a painted prototype!
4 months ago
Yeah, I wish they'd included them as well :< Tbh I wasn't looking forward to it after hearing about the story changes, so seeing a preview has me at least slightly more hyped haha
I'm thinking if they release a nendo of Mulan it'll be based off the original animated movie, since that's what they did for Belle as well

I'm hoping we'll see some more announced at Wonfes! I'm curious when they're going to finally release Black Widow since that's the one I've seen the most comments about. The new Spiderverse figures were a pleasant surprise as well, though I wish that Koto had made Miles in his hoodie outfit. Hopefully they make more characters since they're 1/10 and should be a bit more affordable than full scales~ The Medicom figures look super accurate but that line seems a little expensive for what you get.
Anything else you're looking forward to this Wonfes? :D
4 months ago
Hey there! Hope you've been having a good summer so far~

So much stuff came out recently I'm having trouble keeping up with it all _(:3」∠)_ I still need to see Far From Home but I've heard that it's one of the better Spider-Men movies! The Mulan trailer is looking better than I was expecting it to as well, kinda sucks that they're removing the songs but it's nice that they're trying to make it closer to the original story as well. Anything you've been watching or looking forward to?

Also really happy they're continuing the Marvel nendos! Too bad that Goose wasn't a default accessory for Captain Marvel, though :<
5 months ago
Yea, I'm not that into comics, which was probably another issue with going to NYCC. I'm more into anime, Japanese games, Japanese authors, etc. I try to go to one con each year for as many days as I'm able and tend to stay the entire day. I mostly go to ogle cosplay so there's usually almost always something for me to do haha.

I'm not that interested in cosplaying myself, but I love helping my friends cosplay/prop make. I'm trying to get better at photography so I can take better pictures of them! Currently, my friend is in charge of all the sewing and I'm doing the arts and crafts for weapons, accessories, etc.

I think the main issue keeping me from getting a switch is that I don't really play co-op games (no one to play with ;A;), so it hasn't made much sense for me to get one since that limits the number of games I can play even more. They're definitely great at parties though!
5 months ago
My dream is to attend Anime Expo! After attending NYCC, I'm a little wary of Comic Con, though I've heard that NY is just especially bad at organizing everything... It took us two hours after the con started to even get inside the venue and then we spent most of the day just...standing around? Like the panels weren't interesting, the guests were ehh and the cosplay was literally Harley or Spiderman and nothing else lol. So we just sat or stood around a lot and hoped something interesting would happen

Does everything have to be hand-sewn for obitsus? Since they're so small? I only know the basics of sewing that I picked up from a home ec class wayyy back when

I didn't even know they announced BOTW 2 lol. I was more of a Pokemon kid growing up, though I did play the original Zelda a bit on a Gameboy Color. I never did manage to beat it... I really want to play BOTW though! Alas, I don't own a Switch and with this nendo hobby, I don't know if I'll ever be able to save up for one xD
6 months ago
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