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I like to collect mostly static figures (trading, prize, and scale), miniatures (Re-Ment, Sylvanian Families, etc.), and cute plushes ٩(。•ㅅ•。)و Shows and characters I like are listed in my favorites -->

Feel free to reach out if you have similar interests, I am always happy to meet and chat with people who share this hobby!

Also owned:
HobbyMax - VOCALOID 4 Library - Stardust Swimsuit ver. 1/7 Scale ($95)
HobbyMax - Senkan Shoujo R Mini-Series - Quincy ($30)
HobbyMax - Bilibili Douga - Bilibili Deformed Figure Series -2233 Nyan Kuishinbou ver.- Spaghetti 22 and Eating Ramen 33 ($7 ea.)
NetEase - Onmyoji - Miketsu ($316); released 08/2019
Damtoys - After-school Arena Third Shot All-rounder Frog Lady Aegir 1/7 Figure ($157)
Myethos - Arknights Eyjafjalla 1/7 Figure ($205), released 10/2020
Myethos - National Treasure Silver Sachet with Grape Flower and Bird Pattern 1/7 Figure ($170)
Snail Shell Studio - Tomato-chan illustration by Poniponi 1/7 Figure ($120)
NetEase - Onmyoji - Ibaraki Douji Store Manager 1/8 Figure ($127), released 04/2021

Also pre-ordered:
NetEase - Onmyoji - Zashikiwarashi Fukuraiunshi 1/7 Figure ($135) (release 08/21)
MiYoHo - Genshin Impact Klee Hibana Knight Ver. 1/7 Figure (release 12/21)
MEDIUM5 - Hai Yi Garyou Ver. Deformed Figure ($40) (release 08/21)
Myethos - FairyTale-Another Sleeping Beauty 1/8 Figure (release 08/22)
Hobbymax - Houkai 3rd Theresa, Starlit Astrologos Lover's Meeting Song Ver. 1/7 Figure (release 08/22)
RIBOSE - Original Deformed Figure "DLC" Series Vol.1 "Tea Time Cats": "Li Howe" (release 06/22)
Here are figures I am selling: LIST #67927. The list is always up to date; if it's there, it's available!



Hi, I was wondering if you were still selling the Mikazuki Munechika nenderoid? Because I'm interested in buying!
4 years ago
shirokuma5 years ago#14174668Hello! Thank you for the FR! We seem to be looking forward to some of the same ship girl figures!
You're very welcome and thanks for the confirm, yeah I really looking forward for those girls preorder but my wallet doesn't :(
5 years ago
shirokuma6 years ago#6254792Hi! I'm from the Max Factory Z1 figure thread, lol. After checking out your profile it seems like we like a lot of the same boats and swords! I'm really hoping for an Imanotsurugi figure...

Aahh hello there! Thank you for checking by and YES PLEASE Imanotsurugi needs way more love than he gets. His voice in-game is probably one of my absolute favourites, too! So adorable! ;A; Here I am trying to keep my small collection under control and companies just keep announcing new Tourabu figures. D: Thank you for the friend request!
6 years ago
shirokuma6 years ago#6042544Stumbled upon your work, your custom Velvet and Pyrrha are perfect and super adorable!!
Thank you! And way more to come >:D
6 years ago
shirokuma6 years ago#4381161hey thanks for the FR :) look forward to seeing more of your photos, they look great!

Thanks for accepting me! ^_^ Aww! Thank you~ ❤
Btw, I love your collection! Most of them are the figures I wish to have. Haha!
6 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
6 years ago
Dropping in to welcome you to MFC. I hope your time here will be great and that you find that the community and resources are all to your liking. There are many ways to express yourself here including blogs, personalizing your profile and just adding comments to peoples profile.

Enjoy and have fun

= )

6 years ago
Welcome to the board shirokuma! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
6 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.




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