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I have a great love for crime dramas, nendoroids, and all things orange.

For now, a lot of my nendoroids are still in pristine condition inside their boxes...
But as the collection continues to grow, hopefully someday they'll all be put on display.



shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1672166I haven't seen the anime yet. I'm actually a bit behind on my anime right now because I find I have to wait until I'm in an anime mood before I can watch it. I don't speak Japanese or anything, so I always have to wait for subbed versions to come out. However, I always have to wait until I'm in the right mood to watch it because when I do watch it, I have to give it 100% of my attention, since I need to read the subtitles to know what's being said. If I'm playing games or even surfing the web at the same time, I'd end up missing out on chunks of conversation. So, I always have to wait until I'm free enough to focus solely on the anime.
As for the birthday thing? I absolutely agree. I'm not really the type to party with friends or something for my birthday. I actually don't even celebrate my birthday, with the exception of going out to a casual dinner with a friend with no mention of birthdays of any sort. Since my brother and I stopped being kids many years ago, in my family birthdays are pretty much treated like just another day. I'm glad you had a nice day, though!

Oh well, give it a go. I think youll like it :D I also watch the subbed version, they are the best imho but let me know if you like it.

I didn't really celibrate my birthday but had a nice day nontheless.

8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1664876My brother initially didn't like Attack on Titan because it was so popular and he was seeing its stuff everywhere and people were talking about it. However, he recently decided to check out the anime to see what the hype was about and he ended up finding it surprisingly good. With its current popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if more of the characters from the story get their own nendoroids. My brother's pretty excited right now because some of his favourite Sabers are being turned into nendoroids and were announced just a day or two after he mentioning to me that he wanted them to be made into nendoroids.
By the way, was it your birthday (deducing from the comments people left)? If it was, then I hope you had a wonderfully memorable birthday =)

Well I also had that, now Im open for the anime :D. It's quite nice.
Would love to see more and more figures for all series, sabers are aslo really cool and the more nendo's the better.

Yes I had a nice day, not that much of a party but I'm not really that type of guy, it was really cool though, thanks.

8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1654958I think the final result isn't bad, too. I actually think it looks less creepy than the original version they came up with, but it's still kind of scary. Especially if you consider the fact that it essentially looks like a skinless person! Haha... If you get several of the Colossal Titans, you should definitely take a picture of the small army. My brother is thinking of getting one, though I told him I'd put it by his bed so it would freak him out when he woke up first thing in the morning...

Hahaha, yeah I just like that look! Most of the time I hate the regular Titans because of their stupid faces so yeah... I prefer a flayed man I guess XD.

But have to say that I also would like to have a Titan army, looking forward if they will do so since the normal characters in suits and gear are offcourse fan favourites.
8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1638829I saw some of the pictures posted on MFC of the Colossal Titan nendoroid and I've got to say, I absolutely agree with some people about how the unpainted model looks a lot like Steve Jobs. That was actually my first thought the very first time I saw a picture of the unpainted product. I noticed in the pictures that they have squinty eyes and big eyes for him, which is good, because while the squinty eyes are kind of scary with the overall look, the big eyes look just adorable on him! Haha...

It's fantastic isn't it. I like the final result but would have loved the previous 2 just as much. It's pitty they didn't notice us of other Titan releases yet. We need an Armoured Titan, Monkey Titan and Eren Titan imho.

Nonthless I'll get some. I love the small extras to lol!
8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1627590Haha... I've never seen the manga (or the anime), so I'll have to take your word for it!
I think it will probably come out looking as they plan it to... I'm sure all that shiny muscle and scariness will all be there! Haha... If it comes with additional faces, I'm actually pretty curious to find out what they'll look like. I still can't believe you'd get so many! What if they came to life? (Haha... Kidding, of course ;) )

XD Give it a go, I think it's a funny anime.


8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1615129I guess it makes sense that the manga usually looks better than the anime, since they usually have to simplify the artwork to make it easier to animate, but I do wish they'd at least resemble the manga artwork a bit more. I usually pick which anime to watch based on the artwork, so sometimes, when I see a manga I follow become an anime, I end up not watching the anime just because the artwork they use doesn't appeal to me. I might download it, just because of the fact that I read the manga, but I might end up not watching it at all.
Haha... Are you really planning on getting five of them? I don't follow Attack on Titan either (since it's obviously not shoujo! Haha...), but I still think it'd be a bit scary to have the nendoroid. I can imagine all the pictures that people will take now, with other nendoroids surrounding the Colossal Titan nendoroid with absolutely horrified expressions on their faces.

Same here! And I do agree, offcourse the quality has to be a bit lower in certain cases. Attack On Titan is the opposite, since the manga looks like shit XD.

Yes XD I need a lot, but only if it will come out as cool as it should be. All shiney musscle and scary xD.

8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1606755I'm usually not too big of a fan of when they turn my favourite manga into anime, mainly because the artwork doesn't stay the same. There are manga that I like because of the way it's been drawn, but when they're turned into anime, I feel that the artwork is different enough that I just can't seem to like it. I know it wouldn't be practical to turn the manga artwork into anime artwork of the same quality and all that, but it's still disappointing when the manga style is one that I really like and I can't see the same in the anime.
Haha... You should definitely get the Colossal Titan nendoroid, then. I think I'll steer clear of it. I have enough dreams from the crime dramas that I watch, I'm not sure I need the nendoroid to invade my nightmares, too! Haha... Do you have one of the bigger figures of Colossal Titan? If you did, you could display it and the nendoroid version together.

Have to agree! Some anime look better than the manga (Attack on Titan for example) and some anime suck compared to the manga (Blade of the Immortal, Trigun). I do think it's getting better than before but the HIT ratio on anime compared to manga stays around 33% sadly.

XD You will get one of those Nendo's! I think I'll buy 5 of them for fun XD. It's ugly as hell but don't want any other Attack on Titan stuff (not a real fan of the story).

8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1600477I find it's sometimes disappointing when a long-running manga you're following goes down in popularity and sales and they're forced to end the manga because the ending usually gets rushed. It becomes so obvious they're just tying up loose ends quickly because they don't have much time left to do so. Sometimes, when I reread manga, I end up stopping before the ending, just to avoid reading the parts that ruin the whole thing.
There are some nendoroids that I wish I had, but a lot of the time, they're the limited release or exclusive ones. There's a set of nendoroid petits that I really want and am trying to get my brother to buy for me. Most of the things I've seen here that I really want, though, are the little goods, like phone straps and such. I saw pictures of the Attack on Titan nendoroid (Colossal Titan, I guess?) and I know I'm definitely not getting that one! Haha... It looks all inside-out and I think it might give me nightmares! =(

Yep quick ends suck! I do think it's something of the past though and often happens with anime and less with manga. Trigun anime was rushed/sucked and the manga was amazing. In some cases they still decide to redo the anime and still have a huge wishlist for manga I wish to see in a good anime form... ah well... :D

XD YES THE STRAP ON TITAN NENDO, I need it for comic relief. The figure is amazing lol. But the funny side of it is that the character is 50 meters in the anime.

I NEED IT AND YOU DO TO /o/ Skinned Nendo's ftw XD
8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1595443Sometimes, I spend hours and hours reading manga online, too. A lot of the time, it's for a manga that isn't being published in English. I usually don't see the short manga being officially published, especially not oneshots. Occasionally, for the longer manga, I'm usually so impatient because the scanlations might be volumes behind the original release that I end up reading the manga when it's been translated into Chinese instead of English. I've found that the Chinese scanlation for some manga are practically completely caught up with the original release. The hardest part about collecting long-running manga is that if it's still ongoing, you never know when it's going to end. Then, you realize you have the first 10 or something volumes and you can't just stop collecting it even if you didn't really follow the manga anymore, because if you did, one day you'd end up regretting not having the full collection. But, it is really hard on the collector's mind when the publisher closes down and you're left with loose ends. If it weren't a favourite, I think the logical thing would be to just read it all online when it's scanlated and then just buy the actual publications only after it's been completely released.
I've definitely been enjoying myself on MFC =) I love looking at some of the very creative pictures people take of their figures, especially those including my favourite nendoroids. And, these discussions are undoubtedly very fun, too!

Yes! I hear ya, the awesomeness of long running manga also makes it really hard for fans once they end. I still am reading loads of manga who shouldn't be finished anytime soon but yeah, it could still happen when the sales go down for example.

Also, some long running manga just end really akward, like Gantz. I really liked the series then it was almost ending and everything went chaotic and random to the end.
Nontheless enjoyed the series for as long as it ran so mweh.

I also love to look at all the awesome pictures, any Nendo's on your wishlist you wish you allready had? I will get my first nendo somewhere in the future to! I need that stap-on-titan Nendo just for the lolz.
8 years ago
shrmpdmplng8 years ago#1587411Most of the manga I read is shoujo, so for the longer running ones, it's usually the same conflicts coming up including the return of an ex or some big misunderstanding that can drag on for volumes because no one will mention it. But, there definitely are ones that do a lot of character development while keeping the new storylines fresh. Those I don't mind reading, even if they get long. It always saddens me when a long running manga I follow ends, though, because I've invested so much time reading through so many volumes, it's sad to know any furthering of the story will only be in my imagination. I think both short and long manga have their advantages and disadvantages, but I definitely prefer short ones because they get completed faster. When publishers close down suddenly and stop publishing books they're licensed for, I end up with an incompletely collection. Kind of like Maid-sama. I got the first 8 volumes, but now TokyoPop is gone, the manga finished at 18 volumes, and those missing 10 volumes might never complete my collection =( A similar thing happened with my brother. He has the first 14 volumes of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, but then Kodansha dropped it after that with 16 volumes left in the whole manga.

Oh I agree I agree, in some cases I am just such a fan I can spend whole days reading stuff online XD. Now mostely I can keep track of time but when I start I love to finish stuff.

The reason I read so much online also is because sometimes they just stop producing a manga in English or Dutch for that matter. Its a shame but often you can see it comming when they slow things down to a minimum. Berserk and many other manga's are so slow Id rather not collect them at all.

Hope you are enjoying your time also on MFC :D I love these discussions /o/
8 years ago
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