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I am a casual collector, I just get things if they fit into my life


Were you still selling the Kaiji Figma? If so I would be interested ^^
1 month ago
sledgehammah2 years ago#34191987View spoilerHide spoilerYes of course! Games like yume nikki, ib, mad father and others all had such an impact on me when I played them and they also gave me a lot of good memories. They're really special to me!!
bwahah thank you!~ I love devilman crybaby!!!! I've been a fan of the original devilman manga and the various ovas for years, so crybaby was such a treat to both new and old fans, and I couldn't be happier with it.
I should have been more specific about 'tips' - I've only begun lurking 2nd hand sites for yume nikki in the past few weeks or so but to no avail, so I was just curious if you had gotten the merch from any particular place. But hearing you got them upon release years ago makes sense. Now I must suffer after market availability and prices... orz
Wish I could get your lulu daki, but I dont have the money for it sadly ><;. If you do decide to sell your YN straps, please let me know!!
(Sorry for long message btw!)

Same here! I love how they created an entire new genre of both RPGs and horror games, how they’re so simplistic but you can get so creative at them. They have this eerie atmosphere you can’t create with anything else!
Yeah I’m one of those new fans that were only introduced to Devilman through Crybaby but I’m making my way through all OVAs, Manga etc ever since and absolutely love it all! It’s been a long while since I discovered an entirely new franchise for me so this sure feels special!
Oh my gosh don’t be sorry, I love seeing your enthusiasm about things I’m a fan of too! \o/ Alrighty, you have a PM regarding the straps! :)
2 years ago
sledgehammah2 years ago#34124688View spoilerHide spoilerI admire your RPG horror game collection greatly!! Any tips you have for me to start my own collection? (Mostly a yume nikki fan) (also feel free to ignore this, just wanted to say i love your collection / profile)
Hello! ♡ Aww, that's nice of you, thank you so much! I love it dearly as well! Makes me so happy that someone is still as enthusiastic about these games as I am even after all the years they've been out! :D I noticed you also like Devilman Crybaby, so may I just say superb taste? (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

Unfortunately I'm not sure what you mean with tips. Do you mean where to get items from? Or do you want stuff like display ideas etc (that photo is no longer how I display them)? If it's the former, I'm afraid I can't be of much help because I bought most items when they released back in 2013-2015 on the respective store (AmiAmi/Movic/Animate or the specifically created Ib Onlineshop), and now I only regularly check aftermarket places such as Yahoo Auctions Japan, Mandarake, and Suruga-ya. If you're using those, definitely use the Japanese titles of the games, as well as the name of the character, of the manufacturer, type of item, and shop it was sold (not all at once of course, play with combinations a bit, you'll be surprised at what sellers name their auctions when they don't really know what they're selling lmao). You can get those from MFC, just clicking on any of it should send you to the encyclopedia page where you'll find the Japanese writing, or if not you can google it.
If you meant something else, feel free to ask me again! I'm sorry I'm dumb lol.

While we're at it - my Lelouch daki is currently for sale, and I miiiiiight even consider selling my Yume Nikki straps (I love them, but have no nice display...)! Feel free to hmu if you'd be interested in buying. Selling my straps is an idea I just came up with after I saw your comments lol so I'm not sure if I change my mind again but since my main focus is Ib I think it would be nice to give them to a great Yume Nikki fan and am sure we can find a way. :)
2 years ago
sledgehammah2 years ago#26315269Omg it seems its already out of stock again.... T_T
I just clicked on it and it's there again! I hope you see this on time Dx
2 years ago
sledgehammah2 years ago#26268140Of course! I was super impressed by your BL related item collection. I've decided to start collecting goods related to BL as well, especially ogeretsu & harada things.
Thank you! I also started collecting them this summer, as you can see by crazy I went with the Dear+ anniversary goods. Oh I just ordered Harada's art book, it's back in stock! store.shopping....
2 years ago
Thanks for the add!
2 years ago
sledgehammah3 years ago#21431066hello ! im the kashuu cosplayer who met you at acen ! great collection.

Thanks! I've gotten so many figures in the past couple years. I can't believe I've ordered all the Touken Ranbu figures so far. At some point I'll have to start passing on some, even though I want them all. I can't imagine how many more there will be in another year or so.
3 years ago
Of course!! Always nice to meet a fellow FKMT fan! My collection is relatively small but I hope it will grow in due time. Thank you for the FR, Sledgehammah!
3 years ago
sledgehammah6 years ago#1939089Wow! Amazing collection of Jojo stuff you have! I'm jealous :) (sorry I can't speak Fresh at all!)
thanks sledgehammah, I hope you'll find good JOJO stuff too!
6 years ago
sledgehammah7 years ago#1611448Thanks for the reply about the dakimakura! I've never owned one so I don't know much, but I wanted my first one to be from Shingeki.
I figured the price must have been about quality, as well as supporting the series... so I think it is worth it! But Eren or Levi... I can't choose! But I definitely don't want a 'plasticy' feel for either :)

I've never ordered a bootleg one so I can't really comment on some of their quality, but I can imagine that there cheapness is due to two factors. Cheaper quality, and/or the fact that they didn't have to pay licensing fee's since they just took someone else's picture/made them without permission of the company that owns the character.

If you do a search in the articles section for dakimarua I think there are a few that talk about some different kinds and quality.
7 years ago
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