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I am a casual collector, I just get things if they fit into my life
jjba, parasyte, fkmt, berserk, i am a hero
binding of isaac

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sledgehammah (4 months ago) #26315269Omg it seems its already out of stock again.... T_T
I just clicked on it and it's there again! I hope you see this on time Dx
3 months ago
sledgehammah (4 months ago) #26268140Of course! I was super impressed by your BL related item collection. I've decided to start collecting goods related to BL as well, especially ogeretsu & harada things.
Thank you! I also started collecting them this summer, as you can see by crazy I went with the Dear+ anniversary goods. Oh I just ordered Harada's art book, it's back in stock! store.shopping....
4 months ago
Thanks for the add!
4 months ago
sledgehammah (8 months ago) #21431066hello ! im the kashuu cosplayer who met you at acen ! great collection.

Thanks! I've gotten so many figures in the past couple years. I can't believe I've ordered all the Touken Ranbu figures so far. At some point I'll have to start passing on some, even though I want them all. I can't imagine how many more there will be in another year or so.
8 months ago
Of course!! Always nice to meet a fellow FKMT fan! My collection is relatively small but I hope it will grow in due time. Thank you for the FR, Sledgehammah!
1 year ago
sledgehammah (4 years ago) #1939089Wow! Amazing collection of Jojo stuff you have! I'm jealous :) (sorry I can't speak Fresh at all!)
thanks sledgehammah, I hope you'll find good JOJO stuff too!
3 years ago
sledgehammah (4 years ago) #1611448Thanks for the reply about the dakimakura! I've never owned one so I don't know much, but I wanted my first one to be from Shingeki.
I figured the price must have been about quality, as well as supporting the series... so I think it is worth it! But Eren or Levi... I can't choose! But I definitely don't want a 'plasticy' feel for either :)

I've never ordered a bootleg one so I can't really comment on some of their quality, but I can imagine that there cheapness is due to two factors. Cheaper quality, and/or the fact that they didn't have to pay licensing fee's since they just took someone else's picture/made them without permission of the company that owns the character.

If you do a search in the articles section for dakimarua I think there are a few that talk about some different kinds and quality.
4 years ago
Marika21 Moe Moe Kyuuun <3
Hello I have seen your message regarding Zesubou sensei nendo. I can message BiJ and See if they can split my parcel and change the delivery address if you are still interested.^^
to write a PM there should be a little "PM" button under my name on my profile.
4 years ago
Congratulations ^^. Have a great day.
4 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC
5 years ago
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