Exclusive anime goods from Japan!
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sup im sofia/soapy/mr robot jr/dr genius, (call me whatever)

started my collection in 2018 at my first convention and "seriously" started collecting mid 2019! hoping to someday amass a huge collection :D

i mostly purchase figures of characters from anime/video games i really like, and i will especially purchase them if theyre super pretty. prime collecting focus are nendoroids and scale figures with the occasional misc action/prize figure here and there. (i wont buy anything unless i know what its from and actually like the series.) i have brain worms so i watch too much slice of life, and i enjoy shounen anime/manga a lot. i mostly enjoy everything but im a sucker for ☆friendship saves all☆ type stories. dont watch as much as i used too cause of time constraints/laziness but i'll have my months when i'll binge watch everything from the season

some links
anilist / mal, spotify, twitch, twitter
fgo na id ; 472368529
psn id ; weeapoos



Elenwen1 month ago#94608320Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my picture, dear! <3 no problem! i absolutely adore your room omgg ♡
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Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my picture, dear! <3
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!


the last of us, persona 4/5, va-11 hall-a, project diva future tone/mega mix, tekken, assassins creed 1 and ezio trilogy, saints row the third, fgo
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dont have one yet </3 just own ps5 and switch