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Happy Chinese new Year softz :)

long time no see ^^
7 years ago
7 years ago
softzHey Aya, sorry for the disappearance. Really busy! But again. I wanna wish you a blessed new year ahead. May all your wishes and dreams come true.

softzAya! Got get lotsa ang pows or not?! LOL! Happy Lunar New Year! Don't forget to eat more cookies and bak kwah.
thanks softz only get few here but i think there are more at home hahaha
8 years ago
Happy Chinese new Year softz :D
8 years ago
softzHappy New Year to you too Aya!! It's darn cold here now (england)
So you back to England, no wonder haven't see you for a while ;) Enjoy your stay. It's so cold also right here in canada hahaha
8 years ago
Happy new year softz :D
8 years ago
Happy New Year Fellow Country Mate! (ノ^∇^)/
8 years ago
softzYeah, I heard that snow is pretty heavy this year. I'll be visiting my wife in UK again coming Christmas. Yup, we celebrate Christmas every year. I remember I had a simple photo-shoot of nendoroids with a log cake. We used to have our own xmas tree, but my mum donated to the church! sigh... probably, I'll buy another one when my wifey comes back from UK. :)

About the figure packages, you'll be amazed the number of figures I have and not opened. The opened packages are mostly in the post. My Yagyu Jubei, Haruhi Gekisou ver, Saber Lily Triumphant Excalibur, just to name a few. I know it's kinda sad to hear about it, sounds like I don't have the love for them huh. But then again, I'm keeping them in the box to fence off the dust. I just need to find more space to place them. My glass detoff (from Ikea) is almost full. I wanted to buy three more actually but my mum is getting naggy (sadly, yes... we Asians live with parents). So, I am seeing can see the bunch of boxes everyday. Hahaha.

Your collection is certainly growing. So, is the postage fees cost a lot since you get them mostly from Ami Ami. Also, what's your plan for Christmas? Anything you have in mind?

A I see thats nice that you two can spend x-mas together ;)

My collection is growing but I don't have everyone on display but I switch their places from time to time.
I think I should try to limit myself a bit more in the uture (maybe XD) for once I will sell two older figures this week...

Customs are ok since they only charge me for the price of the figures, without shipping cost so I have to pay 5-15 € per item, for Nendos they won't charge me becaus their price is too low.

Oh all these lovely figures are in their boxes, but I understand your circumstances.
Well if you have not so much allowed display space you could display your figures in rotation :)

On christmas we are doing the same procedure as every year
On christmas Eve we always invite grandma and grandpa my uncle and his wife, my sister with her husband and their two kids and celebrate until its very late, its very nice and harmonic and oh well the kids are so cute and funny =D

My other aunt is a bit strange she and her man are not interested in celebrating christmas and so they won't come XD

The next day we will only have my sister with her husband and their two kids as guests and eat the christmas goose.
The day after,only my parents, the dog(lol) and I are eating the rest of the goose.
8 years ago
softzHey Fabienne,

How've you been? I've received my BRS Animation Ver. I hope yours is on the way and soon. The star is missing and the distributor (PlayAsia) said they will mail me when they receive it. Hmmm... She is still in the box. I hope to find time to slowly open it. :)

Hi softz
Im a little bit tired but fine, the winter broke out its cold and the landscape is covered in snow a little.

I hope you're fine too.
Are you planning on spending your christmas holidays together with your wife? or aren't you celebrating christmas?

So you weren't in the mood for unpacking your BRS so far.
Im always going crazy when figure packages arrive XD

I've heard that you'll have to put some parts together before she is ready to display...

My BRS is already at the inward office of echange in germany, they should hurry with the processing.
On friday amiami shipped my Hachikuji Mayoi figure and the Shizuno Izumi figma will be shipped tomorrow.
Im curious which figure will arrive at first.

I've never had so many things to be delivered in one month,
I think all in all it will be 5 Figures =p
luckily I have only one order in December.
8 years ago
softzHey Fabienne. I'm okay here, surviving on Skype everyday. I hope you are doing great there.

Yep, I've ordered BRS anime ver. I was quite shocked to hear about the missing star. They said we could send it back for repair. But, I guess the shipping would cost a lot. I guess mine will be coming in soon, probably next Saturday. I hope the post office doesn't mess up my box. :) I guess, I'd see your review first before mine. I'm really busy these days. My project schedules are real tight and considering the fact that I'll be flying again end of next month. I really have lots of work to do. I hope I can find time to write something in my blog... But, my mind is in total blank now. LOL!

Ah I see,poor softz ;)
so you are really really busy at the moment.
I wish you good luck and success with your project.

AmiAmi gave me a message that they will send me the missing star sticker from GSC.
I'm wondering where I wiil put it maybe on her butt XD
8 years ago
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