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Hello, your inbox is full. I. Interested in Saber Alter motorcycle figure you posted.
4 months ago
Hello, I'm interested in the Saber Alter figure you posted in your Ads. Please send me a PM if it is available for purchase :).
4 months ago
Hey there, sorry to send a comment but MFC is saying your inbox is full. I'm interested in the Saber Alter figure you recently posted. Send me a message if it isn't already called for when you get a chance. Thanks.
4 months ago
Well thats a shame guess I'll have to bite the bullet on the shipping. Thanks for your help.
11 months ago
Thanks so much, but do they ship overseas?
11 months ago
your photos are amazing!!
4 years ago
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Hello, was just looking through some of your pictures when I noticed you were also Zephyr from Random C. It's really cool to see a blogger that has an extensive figure collection! I'm a somewhat frequent visitor on Random C (goes by ChromeNova). Anyway, just wanted to greet you, and keep up the good work with blogging and collecting~
4 years ago
solidsnake9944 years ago#3501841Hey. Na, there's a nail behind it holding it up eh.
Really sorry for the late reply. i already noticed your reply but i got some real life issues to do ;~;

so, you holding it with a nail ? i wonder how you do that because mine almost fell when i hang it up lol.
4 years ago
Hi. i'd like to know how actually you hang ITEM #221975 to the wall. do you use the sellotape or something ?
4 years ago
TyjosAzari5 years ago#3161920How are those Macross Frontier 1/72 Kits? I got Alto's VF-25 and Got the VF-27 coming in, were they easy to put together?

They were pretty nice to make, but they did ultimately take a lot of time if you go into panel lining and the such. If I remember correctly, I took an average of about a dozen hours per kit eh. Just note there's a tendency for it to be a tad fragile when it's all said and done, so be careful transforming it/moving it around. I've heard some guys intentionally bought extra kits to leave them in a certain pose eh.
5 years ago
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Anything. Yuki Kajuira, Yoko Kanno, Kalafina, FictionJunction favs atm though.
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