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My name is Parker. I'm 28. I am a baseball player at heart, and hope to be in practice for years to come. This summer I was back in Sweden; it was a fantastic experience last year so I played another season there. I recently completed my entry training for the Army, so I'll begin my military work soon! I had wanted to serve for a long, long time, and I'm very happy, having finally made it a reality.

I'm 6'1'' and 190-198 pounds, I like most sports including baseball, hockey, NASCAR, golf, football, and volleyball. Golf and volleyball are the only sports other than baseball that I actually play.

I have a few hobbies other than figure collecting; I collect militaria, and I collect and shoot historic military firearms; I'm also a huge fan of military history. Other hobbies include bass guitar, light novels and manga, and a few other things. I am also a novice chef, if there is such a thing. I love coffee, tea, and most hot drinks, and enjoy going to the local tea shop with some of my friends.

I enjoy good company, and making lasting friendships. Don't be afraid to contact me, for any reason! :)

Strike Witches, Clannad, Pani Poni Dash, Gunslinger Girl, Amagami SS, Angel Beats!, Spice & Wolf, The Mentalist, House, and many others.
Book Girl, Kieli & Strawberry Panic
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Online Mahjong
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Bows/ribbons, tsundere, small chest, quiet and sweet.
U2, most other classic rock, some hard rock, etc.
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spasepeepole026 (21 days ago) #30933315Oh look at that! Looks like a pretty intense piece of equipment. My laptop is old, but it does just what I need it too :) I allocate my resources to different stuff, but as long as it makes you happy, make it happen! I hope you have been well, and thank you for your patience! :)

Go big or go home, haha! We don't buy much new electronic equipment (we use the same tv's, phones etc. for a long time), but when we buy something new, we want the best thing out there. :) And then use it for many many years, haha!

The new PC is pretty much 90% used by my husband and 10% for me (the little bit of free time I have for games lol), I still use an average specs laptop for most of my daily things. As long as it's not for gaming, you don't need crazy computers, haha!

I hope you have been well, too! For me a lot of things have changed, as I started a new (and very busy!) job 2 months ago, but I love it a lot. :) Way better than my previous job so I'm in general more happy. :)
16 days ago
spasepeepole026 (24 days ago) #30905493Hooray :) Did you do anything fun?
I had a very good meal and spent some time with a friend. Not extraordinary, but I had fun
24 days ago
spasepeepole026 (24 days ago) #30905144I hope you have a fantastic birthday! :)Thanks a lot! I had a great birthday
24 days ago
Thanks for accepting my friend request. :)
3 months ago
spasepeepole026 (3 months ago) #28502890Oh gotcha. It's weird how some things don't take off for such a long time, but at least they did eventually, right? Too many terrible things become famous, when genuinely quality things get ignored.
Oh neat :) Feel free to show them to me if you'd like, though I won't likely know what I'm looking at ;)
I've been home for a while, but it sure is a mess down there. We did make progress though, and it was nice to do something that seemed to matter.

Hey! Long time no talk! :)

They actually got famous quite fast in the Netherlands and neighbouring countries, but it took long for them to become famous more internationally and 'online'. Full concerts of them are uploaded to Youtube, so feel free to watch those when you have the time. :)

Yes! Meanwhile I have uploaded the pictures of my gaming 'beast'! :)



Almost everything is in black-red, I love matching stuf~ <3 And the desktop runs so smoothly and beautifully, I am in love, haha!

The situation is so surreal to me, that I really can't imagine how it must have been. It's nice to read that you could help there! :) I hope you can have a bit of a rest now!
3 months ago
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
My birthday is one of the few days where I want to be the main character haha, thank you!
3 months ago
spasepeepole026 (4 months ago) #26263123Ah yeah I'll check it out! Might have to wait a little bit though; I just got news that I'm on the list of people going the the Virgin Islands for a hurricane relief mission. I don't know when I'll be back.
I don't know of them, but that doesn't mean anything. I'm not usually up to speed on new or popular things, or anything for that matter. I do love some intense stuff though, mostly as long as it has some melodic sounds in there as well, and a good deal of real singing: not screaming :)
Ah nice :) I'm glad it's working well! My old laptop is holding up OK so far, and since I won't be needing a computer for a while, I'll keep it for now :)
Yeah it seems things are crappy for a lot of people right now. That's why we're getting sent over there. Hopefully we can do some good.

Don't feel rushed! I hope you're also doing ok now in this time.

Ohhh they are definitely not new, lol. I heard them the first time when I went to an local festival...over 15 years ago. xD They have gotten way more famous since then, because nowadays they also tour very far outside of Europe and have fans all over the world! :) And yes, Within Temptation is very melodic and has very pretty singing. I'm sure you'll like it! :)

I recently made some pictures of my PC. I should get them off my camera and upload them somewhere online so I can share them with the world. :)

I really hope all the hurricane warnings will be over soon, but I keep hearing a lot of news about it over here. :(
4 months ago
Thank you, please be well! Hugging you!spasepeepole026 (4 months ago) #26236635Ah yeah. Same for me. Not a lot of personal time for me, and I've been dealing with some soul crushing loneliness as well. Blah blah. I'm happy you're alright though!
4 months ago
Yeah. :) A bit too much of it, but I manage to cope somehow. :)spasepeepole026 (5 months ago) #26147850Hooray! :) I'm happy you're well. Is work going OK? :)
4 months ago
Thank you, my dear! I am fine, though not so active on mfc)))
How are you?)spasepeepole026 (5 months ago) #26130232Happy birthday! I hope you're doing well :) It's been too long since I've heard from you!
5 months ago
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