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spiritwarrior (6 months ago) #24115824Hello Avo. You said you stay out of the PAK line, but why do you have a Play Arts Balthier?
About Raiden's Revengeance design, I simply prefer the mask and colors of the other Metal Gear ninjas. I meant that MGS2 isn't as novel (new, original, fresh) as MGS1. I feel the same way about Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2. In games, "refined" rarely beats "revolutionary".
I see that you have No Game No Life nendos. What do you think about the anime? Will you buy the Jibril nendo?
So what are you excited about or looking forward to? I recently ordered Izuku, Katsui and Rockman X nendos and a bunch of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. amiibos.
My brother's gonna visit me soon and we're gonna start playing Persona 5. Have you played any of the Persona or Shin Megami Tensei games?

PAK Balthier was from long ago before i started to be a serious collector. I'm thinking of selling him tbh, not sure if i want to keep him anymore.

It's a nice change for Raidens character to be reintroduced as a Cyborg Ninja, that way we can see him in a new light as he made a change in himself during the events of MGS2.

Pretty confident in your little half-truths aren't ya? Let me tell you something, MGS2 is more original and is clearly the best sequel ever produced. Both this video and myself can conclude that, watch it closely. m.youtube.com/w...
Indeed, but revolutionary doesn't mean better quality and product now does it? Recognizing something better merely because it held revolution isn't a proper critical standpoint, it's a throwback, that is, nostalgia.

NGNL is basically a 100x better version than SAO in a sense as it can keep a more interesting concept and consistent story with cleverly planned and thought out games where everything is determined by it, Sora and Shiro represents how much bound you are to such a world and made for it, hence why i bought their Nendoroids. No, i won't be getting Jibril as she doesn't quite make a equally good character as they do, and i don't want to unbalance my collection with too many figures for a single serie. I'm satisfied with them.

I'm mostly looking forward to FREEings Ikari Shinji scale which i will possibly invest my money on,ITEM #549514 as well as waiting to see how Aniplexs Kanda Yuu ITEM #460688 and Di molto benes Snow White ITEM #397111 will turn out. Considering them potential candidates to my collection.

I'm not going to collect to many amiibos, simply not worth it.

No, i haven't played a single Persona game yet and i probably do it in a long time as im preoccupied with many other games including FFVI, Nights into Dreams, Fire Emblem Awakening, Yoshis New Island and some more.
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A Quantum Leap Forward In Your Japanese Import Experience