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hello! my name is vincent!
i hope you have a great day!!
pokemon, fire emblem, xenoblade, kingdom hearts
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cute guys



Happy Birthday, man.
Make sure you spend it good.
3 years ago
squigly-kip Apathetic War Cleric

3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4746245mhm! currently, my favourite is link between worlds

I haven't played that one yet. What ones did you play?
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4718870you've got til February x)

Hee hee, Yep!

Have you played any Zelda games?
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4713566idk. maybe nohr because i want to marry zero

Well, then yes you'd have to take Nohr. I thinking I'm gonna take Norh first too, but I'm still deciding.
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4675773i'm probably gonna pick a side and then download the other sides in the eshop

Do you know what side you want to take first?
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4675547no i wasn't. i don't have the money. also dont worry you're fine, i just didn't know how to reply to it.

Oh, sorry to hear that. I was able to order one at Gamestop, now I just hope I actually get it.

Ah, I'm glad I didn't make you upset then!
3 years ago
Were you able to order the special edition of Fates? Or did you not care enough, or miss it?

View spoilerHide spoilerSorry if I upset you with my last comment, I didn't mean to.
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4529216foleo is just a boy that dresses in feminine clothing. he's still a boy (he said it himself that it makes him uncomfy to be referred to as a girl) so i dont understand why people would think you like girls because you married a video game character that dresses in feminine clothing

Well, I don't think Foleo looks like a girl anymore. I did the first time I saw him, but I think most people did.

Well like I said people are stupid...but they might think that I married him cause he's a boy, but was the closest thing I could get to a girl without being on Hoshido, the third route, or making a male file. But maybe I'm just overthinking it. I have always been like this when it comes to this topic. I've always been afraid of people getting the wrong idea about me, and thinking I like girls. Cause it can be really hard to change what people think, ya know? Or maybe I'm just an idiot, for thinking all this.
3 years ago
takashi-kun (3 years ago) #4508802if you like foleo, marry him. dont worry about what others think. let yourself enjoy the game

Well yeah, but I'm afraid people will think I'm into girls. Cause Foloe kinda dresses like one. But I'm NOT into girls, I like boys, which Foleo is, but people are stupid and always think the wrong things. (This is so weird, sorry.)
3 years ago
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