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I'm just a big anime and video game nerd that recently got into figure collecting. My collection is pretty small but slowly growing XD I have a few scaled figures but most of my collection is Nendoroids.

I am predominately a hand held gamer and my favorite genre is JRPGS. I'm currently playing Dangan Ronpa on my VITA and Bravely Default on my 3DS.

In terms of anime the current shows i'm watching at the moment are: Black Bullet, Nisekoi, One Week Friends, Nagi No Asakura, Oreimo, Bakemonogatari, Beyond the Boundry

I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and super excited about the new series coming out in July along with Viz getting the license to release the series on Bluray. My wallet is going to cry starting later this year XD

Anyways this is a little bit about myself and hope to add more later on :)


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